Proper etiquette when encountering horseback riders

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  1. Dorito

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    Jul 31, 2010

    The strange irony to this whole thread...

    1) I ride horses competitively. On an average weekend, there are probably only <5 male riders per 400 entries.
    2) On the weekends I ride the bikes in groups, there are probably only <2 women per 40 bikes.
    3) Both groups worry immensely about land-loss issues

    The take away here should really be: How can I energize the other folks to save the land we both love. BTW, seems like a nice way to meet a soul-mate too!
  2. Barry

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    Oct 4, 2002
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    HAHAHAH.... when I was very young I dated a girl who had an Apaloosa. He was 16.5 hands, giant beast, and terribly friendly and gentle... to me. He was not so to all males. I loved that horse. He would be fine on rides near cars, traffic, etc.

    However, he was terribly afraid of platic bags, tires, plastic cups. Would stop, and not move forward until you moved the offending object. Crazy, I miss that horse !!!!!

  3. dirtrulz

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    Oct 26, 2006
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    Pretty much all of my interactions with horse riders have been good. Remember one though when me and three buddies were riding some good washington single track an came up on 3 horses coming towards us. We all pulled off the trail and killed the engines. First two were men and they rode by pissed off looking but didnt say anything, the last one was a woman and she told us we were lucky they stopped because they had a gun. apparently the first guy had a gun on his hip. I told her she was lucky we stopped because her horse was very skittish and would likely have dumped her hard if we hadnt. Normally we coast away from the horses but this time I figured I would start the bike, but for the first time my bike didnt start first kick and she was a ways away by the time I got it going. Being threatened with violence when we did everything right and nice just pissed me off. Especially considering the area we were in was built and maintained by cyclists and was never meant to be a horse, bicycle, and walking area. Wasnt too long before you couldnt hardly ride there any more. People would swing fishing poles at you, hikers would walk in the middle of the trail to purposefully keep you behind them, mountain bikers would ride down the middle of the trail until they came to a hill and then bitch about getting rocks thrown at them, well dont stop at the bottom of a steep hill idiot.
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    What he said. Been my policy for 40 years. Bikes and gear scare the hell out of most horses.