Protective Film for Helmet Shield/Visor?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by mdmaroon, May 3, 2012.

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    I've been searching the Internet and I can't believe this doesn't exist.

    Does anyone make a protective stick on film for helmet shields? Not for the helmet itself, I found that, but for the clear part.

    I'm not talking about tear offs either. I mean something a little more permanent than that.

    They make them for phones, iPads, etc etc...but I don't think they are quite clear enough to see through undistorted.

    Maybe there's no such product. I just hate spending $50 every time my visor gets a scratch.
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    Google "Cheap ass UV filters on cameras" and see what you find.

    As it is, PinLock even warns against leaving the PinLock shield on at night. I don't have a problem, but the ghosting of lights is noticeable.

    A plastic cover, if not put on properly, would cause bad distortion. Think of the trouble it takes to put it on an iPhone with a flat, solid surface.
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    I was going to say try using some of the 3M clear film you can put on your headlights and front of the car to avoid paint chips and yellowing of the lenses, but yeah, it would probably look like ass at night time. I know the pinlock lenses are kinda meh at night, but once I put one in I don't like messing with them, as they feel kinda delicate. I think replacing your visor once a year would be a better option than trying to find a clear film that didn't add a layer of distortion to your view.

    And you know, when you think of how good the optics are on pinlocks, and yet you still get halos at night, something tells me the amount a manufacturer would have to charge to produce a high optic quality protective film that added a minimum amount of distortion that was either cut to size or worse (and more expensive) made specifically for lots of different helmet visors...well let's just say your $50 dollar visor protective film combo would probably cost over $100.

    And then the stupid bastard who thought it a great idea to produce high optic quality protective film for a bunch of different helmet visors would be eating supermarket cat food while surrounded by a ton of stock no one would buy because it cost too damn much.

    That, is probably why you will never see said protective film for your visor come to pass.

    Just my 2 Krugerrand on the whole thing, mind you.
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