Pyrenees and northern Spain tour

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    LOL! Well it's funny: I took allmost the very same pictures back in June '04 on a trip around Spain and Portugal :-) Especialy the costal one is almost 100% same angle! I'm sure there are 2'786'001 ppl with the same picture taken too;-)



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    Svendura: Is that you on the left? :evil :evil

    It's sad that in this day and age of freedom of speech one has to disclaim EVERYTHING they say as 'no harm intended'... Is that still freedom of speech? Dunno...

    My wife (being from the states) had a reverse culture shock after we moved back from Europe to the states: "My god there are a lot of fat people here!" She hadn't noticed it until faced with the huge difference in appearance (pun intended...) Unfortunately the trend is changing to be the same in Europe with more and more people living off of fast food... :huh Like bavarian said: huge portions, cheap, no taste...

    I wonder what the reaction would be to a certain Marius Mueller-Westernhagen song if it came out now as opposed to when it did (20 years ago?)...
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    Hi Gator,
    hi, hi... no that's not me, but thank you for the flowers :-)

    Yes, you are right. The american fast food culture in form of McD. and
    Burger King are state of the art here in Germany, too. But most families
    that I know, still cook a full meal made of fresh food every day.

    Marius? I know which song you mean and I guess it were too extreme
    these days.
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    Odd bump, for a GREAT report. :nod :huh

    Is there a link to the followup report he mentioned? :ear