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    it seems to come down to either which scooter would actually be the best for the trip, or which scooter would look better in the film. To me they would be complete opposites. No doubt a modern big wheeled scooter would be better for the trip, but a vintage (or vintage copy, like the Stella) would make the film a lot more interesting.
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    Thanks folks for all the replies. I did look at the MP3 briefly, however it has been discontinued in Canada for 2013. I'm headed to the motorcycle show in weeks time, so I'm hoping to be able to look at a few. Definitely leaning towards a Vespa for the trip.
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    If you're wanting a scooter depending on your preferences, I'd suggest the Yamaha Zuma. The older 50cc bikes were 2 stroke, people love them and they're tons of mods out there for them. A lot depends on the roads you'll be traveling and the speeds on the roads. A 125 might be more practical, I think the Zuma 125 is 4 stroke though.

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Piaggio Typhoon 125cc. It's a cool looking "dual sport" style scooter. Larger wheels for both paved and not so paved roads. They just recently introduced the 50cc but it looks like it's more suited to paved streets judging by the tires on it from the factory.

    I would have suggested a Rattler 110cc from Genuine but they've discontinued the bike a while ago, you may be able to find one used or at a dealership. They were 2 stroke, I've heard mixed things on them so I'd suggest doing some research on the Modern Buddy website.

    Just a few bikes I thought I'd toss out there.
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