Questions for the orange side..SMR to SE.

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  1. trapperj

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    Mar 6, 2011
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    Thought this would be the best place to ask these questions. I have a 2011 SMR 990. Great machine. I am thinking selling or trading for either a new 690 enduro...or possibly trying to trade for a 950 SE. I am in east TN. The closest KTM dealer is all but shut down. I wouldn't mind driving a few hours for the right KTM store..I know all of them are not "full" KTM some do not sell street bikes at all.

    I know selling outright is always the better option...but thought with the tax advantage of trading I might come out ok.
    I figure someone here would be able to recommend which dealers would be more likely to deal.

    The SMR is a BEAST..I just want to go in a different direction. I am tired of walking by it each sitting there under its cover...making fun of me for not having the balls to exercise it properly.

    Any advice?....I'd be thankful.
  2. SpeedyR

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    first off you won't find an SE (super enduro) at any dealerships. They haven't sold new ones since 09 (well at least that was the last official year, I saw them up till a few years ago sitting there, but i'm sure they are all gone new on the floor).

    other than that, I love mine. I plan to get a set of SM wheels for it, and IMHO would be the best of both worlds..
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    My advice is sell it yourself and find yourself a nicely set up super enduro. Might have to drive or do a fly and ride but its well worth it. I went to California to get mine. Good luck.