Quick tire question for the weekend.....

Discussion in 'Crazy-Awesome almost Dakar racers (950/990cc)' started by 4corners14, Apr 1, 2013.

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    Oct 3, 2008
    Has anyone used the 80-100-21 Pirelli MT-16 on the front of a 990? I need an aggressive tire for just 2 days coming up this weekend at the Desert 100 DS run. Am I going to have any problems with this tire? It's a new tire I've had for a couple of years on a wheel I've never used. It's DOT but I was wondering about the weight of the 990.....any issues?
  2. SpeedyR

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    i have run the MT16 rear tire for a hare scramble on my 950 SE and it was great but don't run it on the street. it'll chunk the center knobs (at least mine did, but it was a bit older and i have no idea what pressure I was running in it, maybe 25psi?).

    For the front I have read that a few people have run them on the big bikes and like it. I have ridden (dirt and street) with the Pirelli Scorpion MXMS (mid soft) and the Scorpion SX tire (stiffer carcass) and both have been great. I have really been liking the SX tire. As you said, all of the pirelli off road front tires are DOT legal so that's a plus.

    so yes, if you are looking for a good all around front tire for the 9x0, I would go for it. I've had good luck with the others I've run.

    BTW the MT16 rear is my "go to" tire for off road on my 450 when I don't knwo what conditions i'm going to get into. works great in mud, hard pack, sand, etc.
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    I've burned through a MT16 on the 990. No problems, you just have to take it easy on corners and the brakes. Another good option is the Pirelli Rally Cross front. A bit better on the slab but still decent in the dirt.