Quitting (Motorcycles)?

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    Apr 21, 2011
    I have been riding since the age of 16; Mostly one version or another of a BMW GS. I, like most riders I know, am safe, conscientious, and prudent. I am also a daily rider 14,000 miles a year or so in the Pacific Northwest area. One of my close friends and fellow rider was just killed, while riding, by a driver who ran a red light. He was also safe, cautious, and in town 5 blocks from home. The news link is pasted below.
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    Have any of you ever seriously thought of giving up riding or actually done so? I would like to hear from some others who have gone through this. Thanks in advance.
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    Apr 25, 2008
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    Sorry for the loss of your friend. Would the outcome have been any different if he had been riding in a cage? Depending on the factors of the accident, he may have been killed just the same. To answer your question, I have considered it and I think the time is coming soon. Not in the next week, month or year maybe, but soon. I am like you, started riding at the age of 16 and riding off and on for 42 years. Nothing major, just a few low speed get offs. But, every time I get on a go for a ride, there is someone who comes close to hitting me. Makes one think. Only you can decide what's best for you.
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    Sorry for the loss. It's scarey knowing how bad people drive. Everything in life has a risk, you just have to try to minimize it & hope for the best. You could live in a bubble but would you be happy or wasting life away.
    I think 90% of wrecks with cars are not accidents but neglect from a driver. Local story other day girl did a hit & run speeding on some kid on a scooter that ended up dying after being ran over few minutes later by someone else & she ONLY got 1 year in jail. I would have gave her 20 yrs to think about it. They should criminally charge people that are at fault & make them take responsability & not just a $70 ticket, car wrecks or bikes.
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    Hopefully he lived well. My best wishes for his family and friends in their time of grieving.

    To answer the question. For me it just comes down to risk, reward, and probability. It is a fact that every one of us will die someday. Some of us will live to an old age, and then pass, and some may not make it past today. I see it this way, we have no choice, we know we will die, but perhaps we can partially choose how.

    If I die from cancer or some other horrible illnesss, I will want to know that I didn't hold back in life. I will want to know that I lived my life, rather than banked it for later life.

    If I die old, I will pass knowing that it is my time, and I saw all that life had to show me. That I am ready for the next great adventure.

    If I die and on a motorcycle, then it was a good death. I died doing something I love to do. No, I don't want to die young, but if I don't do those things I love to do, am I really alive, or am I just living for the possibility of life tomorrow?

    I am not sure who wrote it, but it sums it up neatly, "Never trade the thrills of living for the security of existence"

    You honor your friend by continuing the ride.
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    Mar 7, 2009
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    I'm also sorry for your loss.
    AndyCaps words can't be improved upon.
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    We are very similar...40 plus years of riding, MSF RiderCoach for 20 plus yrs...I was hit by a person running a red light (on the cell phone too)..while on my way to coach a class. I made it to class on time and was not injured. My bike suffered $2000 in damages. It was hit and run, but I should have been better. Running red lights is common. Where the gear, eliminate the surprise...the risk is always there. I am 63 yrs old. I think about quitting ...usually once or twice a year. My wife of 40 yrs does not ride, so I feel selfish. She encourages me to continue, says I would not be the same. Risk is part of the experience...nothing is guaranteed. Do your best, try not to be stupid. Its not always going to be easy. The risk is up to you. I currently ride a 99 R1100GS (its mr third GS started with an 81 R80G/S) and a 96 R1100RS. Life is always good when I'm riding. I had 20 yrs experience guiding in Mexico. Had to give that up last year. My wife finally stated she was uncomfortable with me in that environment. There are plenty of places to continue my journey this side of the border. Four years ago I was diagnosed with CLL. Again no guarantees in life. Just enjoy each moment. I loved my Mexico experiences, I love riding, I love sharing it with new riders who want to get better, I love my wife...she always knows better. Sometimes shit happens.
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    Jan 2, 2008
    sorry for the loss of your Friend , i to have lost a few people in my life to motorcycle accidents . How ever if your friend died in a car accident would you give up driving ?
  8. drikko

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    Sep 3, 2010
    My riding mate got wiped out by a car 3 years ago, I sold everything except my riding gear. a year and a half later after losing another friend to cancer I decided it was futile denying what I enjoyed most, and as someone pointed out to me recently, I've lost more friends from cancer than bikes and I'm only young at 53.

    I also express my condolences for you, it is hard to take, so just have a break, think about it for a while and weigh up your feelings. Just sit back, park the bike in the corner out of view, help your friends family get back on their feet and down the track work out what you want to do.

    You will never lose that itch to get back in the saddle again (un)fortunately.

  9. Watercat

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    Wow, read the article . . . . . . :cry Very sad indeed. May he RIP.

    Condolences to all.

    Wow, hits close to home.

    Well I didn't ride from the time I was 25 years old until the time I was 36.

    This was mainly due to an alternative lifestyle - living overseas.

    Sad first post.

    Every inmate here (ADV) takes their chances out on the road.

    Yes, it's something you'll need to seriously consider and only you can make that call.
  10. Old Blue

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    Apr 14, 2008
    Central Texas Coast
    Yes, I have seriously considered giving up riding due to tragedies of several people I have known. One in particular:cry

    I actually sold the bike I had at the time and quit for a while, but the desire to ride never went away. I talked it over with my wife and ended up getting another bike.

    I don't know what to say. It seems smart to quit, but I chose not to.

    How come I could walk away from skydiving with no regrets and not motorcycling?
  11. Ramseybella

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    Feb 8, 2011
    Los Alamos, New Mexico.
    I am 51 I started at 14 Dirt, KZ900 up to cross country touring on a GL 1100 it was my main transportation for five years vary rarely drove my car.
    I was working as a cook at a resort in Florida early morning shift left at 2:30 am to get to work by 4:00 am, dark two lane country roads for miles then interstate to work.

    Came close to getting run off the road by drunks Saturday mornings, armadillos and deer on the side of the road stuff.
    Then one week I was having a scary illusive dream every night a Deer just shows up in the head lights and I see myself going black and I would wake up, now I have had a dream with the front tire completely having a violent blow out at 85 Mph but this one stuck that on the third night I just drove my car.
    I arrived at the employee parking lot to see a co workers car parked spewing antifreeze, front grill completely caved in and the windshield all cracked covered in blood!
    The story was he was on the same road I drove my Gold Wing every morning but he was the one who hit the deer head on, he was lucky to be alive I stopped riding bikes that was in 1987!
    Did I miss riding Hell yes, and after 23 years I got back on?
    I am stating that I could not get over the dream and the accident the same road the same week, but now I realize I missed riding and will never fear what we can&#8217;t control.
    Do I regret it yes but it was what it was?
    Take a small break keep your bike and chill, you will want to ride again I don&#8217;t know what it would be to lose a friend in an instant I can only express my prayers and condolences to you and his family it is totally up to you to decide.
    Life is short and we have no control over it if reincarnation is true we will come back a smarter being but I&#8217;m not betting on it.
  12. tcourdin

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    Apr 3, 2008
    Very sorry for your loss. I've been riding since I was about 6, and never been without a bike since. There hasnt ever been a time I've considered just giving up motorcycling, it's just a part of life. Accidents happen on motorcycles or in cars, or while just walking down the street. I dont want to tip-toe around keeping myself safe all the time, I want to enjoy life!
  13. OldPete

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    Oct 6, 2007
    First post?
    Is this a BOT?:rofl
  14. g7s6

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    Apr 21, 2011
    BOT? Thanks for your replies and good thoughts. This is something that only riders can understand. Everyone else just blames the bikes.
  15. herods_flu

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    Dec 28, 2009
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    The fact is that the probability of dying due to a motorcycle accident is much greater than the probability of dying in a car accident. I gave up riding when my daughter was born and started doing other things like rock crawling and auto-crossing. I found it hard to live without and eventually started again. I try to be safe, but I've turned into a commuter and ride the bike now more than I drive the car. I try not to think about it but riding is selfish. I've often considered going strictly dirt to minimize the risk, I don't know the answer...
  16. Kaw4Life

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    Sep 27, 2008
    When it is your time, it is your time. If I die on a bike, I will die happy.
  17. BHazz

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    Jan 14, 2006
    My sister had breast cancer, considered successful, and received Chemo as a safety measure. The Chemo killed her. What are ya gonna do!
  18. dolanrio

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    Apr 15, 2011
    Blue Ridge Mountains (Lynchburg, VA)
    The one serious motor vehicle accident I've had in over 20 years driving was in a car, near my house. Person fully stopped in their lane to make a left turn, then for some reason tried to beat me across mine right as I got to them. T-boned 'em at 50mph maybe, totalled both cars, but I walked away with only a tiny fabric burn on my arm from the airbag. I started riding very recently, and every time I ride past that turn on my bike I think about how differently that might go if it happened right now, ATGATT or no. Live or die, it ain't gonna be no fabric burn..

    Gotta weigh your priorities and think about who you love, who loves you and depends on you, and the risk level you - and maybe they - are comfortable living with. It may be heresy on these boards but it's quite possible there's more to your life, and more important things in your life, than motorcycles.

    I'm not saying hang up your helmet, not even suggesting it. Just saying, I'll understand if you do.
  19. DaveBall

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    Sep 30, 2009
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    You have to balance things out in your life. Nobody can make the decision for you. Everything we do has some sort of risk. People have died doing the most common mundane things.

    I have lost some very close and dear friends on motorcycles. Every time it happens, I will sit down with a few friends and have an informal wake for them. We talk about all the good times and some of the bad times. Every one of us thinks about the risks involved in our chosen sport and method of transportation. I think we all have come to the conclusion that when our time is up, it won't matter if we were riding a bike, driving a car or just getting out of bed. So we all just try to be as safe as we can and enjoy every minute we have on this planet, because the next one might not have bikes or be as beautiful.
  20. DrLewall

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    Aug 20, 2008
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    I'll never quit! It's in the blood! I assume the risk..:thumb