R100 Engine mount gap - add shims or just 'torque and squeeze'?

Discussion in 'Airheads' started by sam1905, May 18, 2012.

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    Hi all, just putting the motor back in on my cafe project (1978R100RS) and have added the spacers as referenced below (2 plain on rear, spacers / stand spring hangers - one per side on front).

    After doing this I have 2-3mm total lateral free play across each bolt. Am I correct that I should add thin washers / shims to fill this rather than torque without these which would instead deform the frame inwards by the necassary 1-1.5mm per side?

    That (torquing, not shimming) just seems a bad, weld stressing idea to me.....


    7. Motor mounts: There are 4 motor mount spacers on airheads. The two plain ones are identical and go on the rear mount bolt (the longer bolt). There are two that have welded-on spring attachment places....ONE has TWO such points, it goes on the left front...and is where the sidestand and centerstand spring attach. The curved part faces DOWN, curves towards you. The other has only one attachment point, and that is for the centerstand spring...it is fitted on the right front...the hole facing rearward. There is a sidestand clip that fits under the left rear nut, instead of the waverly lockwasher that is on the other side. NOTE that all spacers of any kind go between the engine and the frame.
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    I didn't read your thread but my dad use to do that to some then brand new airheads to reduce vibration. Squeezing in the frame induces stress that might be sympathetic to particular rpms and amplify vibrations.