R100S cylinder gasket/seal kits

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    Are you suggesting that's not a common thing to do? It's worked for me and I know I'm not the only one who's done it. There is a factory mandrel made specifically for doing this so it can't be that uncommon. I can't even remember what I used to do it last time, but I know for a fact that it wasn't anything even resembling the right tool for the job. No harm done. What specifically are you concerned about? It may not be the "right" way to do it, but it would save wasting an otherwise good pair of head gaskets.
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    Pushing the pushrod tube closer to the block of coarse. I have used everything from the correct tool to an open end wrench. Not replacing the pushrod tube seals. For the cost I wouldn't take a chance unless they were still very new.
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    I think the procedure of driving the tubes in further was only applicable to /5es because they had a movable collar, it was the collar that was moved and it was meant to be moved regularly with the tool. Along came the /6es and riders continued driving the collar in further only the collar was now welded to the tube so the entire tube was moved in a little. If done with the engine hot it works a little if the rubbers are still soft and the amount of driving force is not too much. You can also make the leaking worse and if it works at all it likely won't be long lasting. I've done this myself on my /6 years ago but since then I have changed the rubbers several times and much prefer to do the whole operation or just let them leak.

    I never owned a /5 but it has been explained this way to me. Is this true? Do /5es still have movable collars?

    Cycle Works used to sell a tool for this. The OEM tool is much neater and heavier. I've only seen pictures of the OEM tool. I think it is pretty rare.