R1200GS vs. Super Tenere

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    Apologies if this has been addressed before.

    Rode the new Yamaha S10 last Friday night, courtesy of Mark Edwards of Lee's Kawasaki in Harrodsburg, Ky. Very, Very, Very nice bike: Yamaha nailed the Adventure bike segment with this thing. The twin makes mountains of thumpy torque for much happy and effortless motoring. Handling is spot on for lightness and feel; I got off the GS and onto the Tenere and just kept riding. Brakes are sweet, clutch is light, but after the using GS tractor clutch I believe it would be a source of insecurity for me. Riding position is about perfect, seat is better than the 1150's Corbin. There's a sweet hit at the midrange to topend that will nicely reduce having to time passes while flowing through traffic as on the 1150. Ran it through the gravel of Lee's back lot with much trepidation, but found the S10 to be as confidence inspiring and solid there as the GS.
    I look for this thing to be a hit!

    I don't know how a man would go about farkling the thing after having had access to the GS aftermarket, and my confidence level in most yamaha dealers for on the road repairs and parts is low. Luckily, someone else bought it so these things are not a near future worry.

    The "touring" mode is wierd and the "sport" mode is more like "normal".
    The turn signals use that weird single switch all the Jap bikes have.
    Did not see a gear indicator on the dash.

    Is there and aeroflow fairing for it???

    Bonus: I got to ride the GS home in the snow!
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    You wouldn't know unless you looked. There is already a discussion about the Tenere hiding on the first page of the Oilhead Boxers forum where you posted this.

    Edit: thanks for moving this, mods!
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    I'm sorry you feel that way, if you note, I'm not trying to be nasty. There are simply, four other bikes I like a whole lot more than the Super Ten, including an 800 cc Triumph that I like a whole lot. I do find it interesting that multistrada owners do not need endless comparo threads, because they're out passing GS's on the roads right now :rofl I'm certainly not a nasty person, but I have ridden the 5 and simply, I liked them all more than the Super Tenere. Just one riders opinion, but if I want a cheap bike, I'll get the Triumph, if I want the one that makes no excuses, and get the BMW, and replace the Vario Panniers with aluminum ones :1drink

    Also, I did read the Cycle World review mentioned, the only paragraph that stood out was We like the BMW and it is obviously built with great care. And that's all I need to know, I want the one built with great care.
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    I have ridden recently with Lt. Dan @ March Moto Madness and would recomend him highly. He has a vast knowledge of the roads and trails in one of the best places to ride in the southeast U.S. We went on a technical ride with some KLR 650's, XL 650 L, BMW 450 X, KTM 450 XC (mine) and 3 GS 1200's and one KTM 990 Adventure. Dan was very considerate of all the riders and we had a great time. Later a guy let me ride his 07 BMW 1200 GS and I liked it a lot. I have a Yamaha Dealer close by and they have a couple S10's in stock. Owner and salesman are personal friends and would like to sell me one. I am going to go to GSM Motorent and rent the S10 to compare both bikes before I decide which one to buy. Is one better than the other is a matter of personal preference. I am sure that each have their pros ond cons. Since I haven't owned either one I can't give an opinion other than check them both out and if you are looking at this market of bikes and are serious buy one and go riding. The importatnt decision is to get out and ride, enjoy the scenery and the fellowship of other riders. March Moto Madness was my first Dual Sport Event and I had a great time and I am looking for more events to attend.
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    - Great thread if you like drama and hatred

    - A few really well-intentioned posts, thank you for the insight!

    - Ultimately, we're all riders! Lets focus the hatred towards cagers please! :D :D :D

    Nah, kidding. Just ride safe, and enjoy. Thanks for this thread.

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    Why would you resurrect a thread that's been dead for over two years to make a useless comment like that?
    If you were so concerned with the drama and hatred, why bring the thread to life again for all to see?
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    I just saw this in the Forum today from another inmate who is a Tenere rider.

    Did 330 miles of two lane ohio roads today with a FJR, VFR, and a Honda 1300 cruiser. It really magnifies the difference between my old Tenere and the GSA.
    I when I owned the Yamaha kept telling myself it was good enough and just ride it and not worry. After a total of 700 miles on the GSA it is very apparent the Tenere is slow, weak brakes, poor suspension, and BORING. So happy it is gone and have the new bike. The FJR and VFR owners are thinking of trading after a half hour on my bike. It is really a outstanding motor cycle.
    Current Bikes: 2012 Yamaha Tenere, 2010 Vespa 300 Super scooter ( hers), 2011 Blur 220i (his)

    Below are my comments.

    I have ridden Yamaha's in my youth, but have a GS, and a new GSA. The new bike is spectacular. Best by far.
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    So i rode both bikes, the Super Tenere, and the GSA on several occasions
    My thoughts:

    The new GSA has a very high fun factor
    I love the seating position, it really feels like a big dirt bike
    Love the cruise control, and the ability to change the suspension settings with a switch while riding, the big fuel tank, and fuel economy, give an impressive range, which i find important
    and I really love the looks of the bike, always have.

    Though on both occasions i talked to GSA riders who had to bring their bikes in with issues they had, and had to reschedule their vacations
    On the last occasion i took the bike to a funeral (it was on my day off), and the really friendly bmw dealer told me to take the bike for a day, and enjoy and i really did.
    So at the funeral, everyone told me life;s to short, you deserve a good bike, they all seemed to be impressed by the GSA

    The Super Tenere though feels very neutral in every aspect, and a bit like the old 750, but not as strong in the low end department, it felt comfy, and what impressed me on one occasion was the fact that totally inexperienced riders took this heavy bike offroad on some technical slippery rocky course in the pirinees, without any problems, i think Yamaha really shines in this department, i know at the at of the day, the Yamaha will take you from point a to b without concern, i don;t hear of any big issues with the S10, and especially inexperienced riders that take the big bike offroad, seem to do this with ease, so still a bike compotent on every surface,very important aspect for some.
    My very adventurous and georgous ex girlfriend though hated both bikes, she thought they were expensive toys, not comfy enough, so we decided to buy neither, and kept on riding he vintage S10's

    But on both occasions my old 750 super tenere felt like a motorcycle when riding home, not so high tech.

    So If i had unlimited funding, i would choose the Beemer,without blinking my eye, its just to much fun.

    On a budget i would choose the Yamaha though, and i'd know it would take me anywhere, and still be shitloads of fun, it would do the job, no questions asked, think its the more relyable of the two, and just a very good bike on and offroad
    So yes my hands are greasy most of the time, but i seem to meet a lot nice of people on my journeys that way, but their seem to be less of them every year
    So in my case, think i'll probably be getting some used S10 soon, get it dirty pick a destination and just go, probably somewhere in the US, :freaky
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    cant believe anyone here knows MZ!!!!! By FAR the best bike of its time; dig this, the East Deutsch had the chain running through an indestructible rubber shroud that kept it safe from dust and water! I owned 3 125s then 2 250's all of them awesome; the earlier 250 model would let the motor swing down to remove all the head and cylinder by removing only one (large) bolt, mounted on a rubber damper. Amazing engineering! The day I decided to take one of the engines apart and couldn't find a manual anywhere (1975 or so) I wrote the company.... in Zschopau, East Germany. Two months later, I got in the mail a hard-bound book with all the engineering drawings and photos of every single part PLUS a typed translation into (fair) English - Das Iszt Wunderbaaaaar!

    I digress... jump forty years, I loved my 1200GS but the seat was just too uncomfortable and the 2006 too pretty for me, and underequipped in protection. Today I went to National Powersports to see what they had in used bikes, and they pushed hard to sell me a 2011 Super Tenere - I only didn't go for it because it was 2K over my budget $10K.

    Reading this thread makes me smile I didn't...

    Danke schoen everyone, and many safe rides whatever your 2-wheeled (or 4-legged) vehicle may be!