Racing Forum / Rallye Fleamarket PLEASE READ RULES IN POST # 1 FIRST

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    Racing Forum / Rallye Fleamarket PLEASE READ RULES IN POST # 1 FIRST

    Many have often wanted a dedicated ADV fleabay on the racing forum for all the left over rally racing bits & pieces

    In any one country there is a very small market and number of members that are interested in rally racing gear, but globally there is a much larger market

    ADVRider is the core hub of all the English speaking rally racing forum activity

    Makes sense to advertise here, but the individual regional fleabays don't cut it for these items, and the Mods dont like multiple posts of the same item across the various regional fleamarkets.


    a few simple to follow rules and guidelines;

    1. Rallye Fleamarket sticky is for inmates to post product info/pricing information for USED rallye equipment/items (nav tower, roadbook/nav equipment, tanks, rallye guards... etc.)

    NO new items, or commercial/vendors products to be marketed here... these go in VENDORS.
    This thread is SOLEY for inmates to inform other rallye enthusiasts amd inmates that they have used rallye specific parts/accessories, they wish to offload.

    NO "WANTED" ADS please.

    2. No discussions in thread (one post only). All enquiry/correspondence via PM.

    3. Remove your ADVert from thread (nuke) once product is sold or no longer offered for sale.

    ie: Go to "EDIT POST" at the bottom of your original post and then tick the "NUKE" box to delete the post.
    (Race Forum mod's reserve right to remove/move/nuke innappriate or excessively old posts, in order to keep thread to manageable level).

    4. Please include Price - and a Location - in the ADVert, the location under your user name may not be correct or specific enough.

    5. No external links - to ebay or commercial enterprises etc. Directing inmates to external ads without links will also be removed.

    6. Pictures - Max 2 per ADVert. If you reuire more, provide them as links.

    7. Bumping - You may not bump your ADVert more than once per month and must nuke the original ad - if not you will lose both.

    8. Expiration - ADVert's expire after 8 weeks and will be removed from view by Mod's.

    These ADVert's are free if you have a successful sale please consider a donation to help keep this site going.

    NOTE: posts that fall outside of the ADVert only/correspondence via PM only guidelines, will be removed - NOT out of difference to the actual post or inmate... but merely to keep the graffiti to a minimum.

    This will be the last post/PM with regards to edited/removed posts/ADVerts by the RACING mods. We will edit/move as required to keep the Rallye Fleamarket tidy as possible/practical. If it turns into an administrational nightmare - it's gone (the whole thread).

    So remember, this is a service provided to give bona-fide, non-Commercial inmates (NOT VENDORS) an opportunity to offer there USED goods for sale to other like minded individuals on this unique site. Treat it as such and Everything will be OK. :clap
  2. Leeexc

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    Aug 7, 2012
    United Kingdom
    2014 (bought new in Feburary 2015 last of the carb Model) ktm 450 Rally Factory Replica, I bought this to do the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge on but had big problems with dehydration so did less than half the event.
    It has done around 700 km in total so as new.
    The bike will come with all the ETRF/ Irratrack cables/brackets fitted a carb vent tube, a few other worth while mods, a brand new still in packet spare clutch (cost over £200) spare air filters, oil filters and oil as well as the MD road book holder and ICO the bike comes with, also the high mudguard, extra looms, etc.

    The bike is in England, United Kingdom and Is regestered on a uk number plate.
    Price £18500 (uk pounds)

    Thanks Lee.

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  3. Marten660

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    Jan 20, 2013
    Netherlands (Fryslan)
    Nicely restored '05 KTM 660RR.
    Only 2 dakar attempts ( '05-2 days & '06 - 4 days) Used it for roadbooktrips but wanna quit (i think..)
    Comes with set of spare wheels/extra WP factory rearshock/extra buddy/extra sidepannels (GO!!!!)/extra tires/bag with airfilters/high fenderset etc.
    Price € 10.000,- Bike is in The Netherlands (Europe)
    Greetings Marten vd Heide

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