Raising front fender a lil bit

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  1. gefr

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    Nov 26, 2005
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    I am going to cut some adaptors to mount KTM 85 SX protectors on the 990Adv. When I am ready, I may have some for sale.
  2. Fundy Rider

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    Jul 5, 2009
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    I have a 05.5 950 and raised my fender with some simple aluminum spacers where the fender is attached. I measured clearance on the fender to contact area on full compression and ended up using a .875" spacer on the rear and .750" for the front spacer. It just kisses on contact on full compression.

    For the brake line I drilled a couple holes and moved the brake line forward with a cable tie. Running a Michelin starcross HP4 up front in a 90-100-21 which is a bout .375 taller and wider and it has given me enough clearance with this tire.

    Sorry for no pics but bike is behind a workbench hiding behind my klr with my Toyota 22re head off and parts all over the garage as this winter won't go away.

    I should add the reason I put more clearance on the rear is that it bows out the fender at the rear so you gain side clearance as well as the height. I messed around with a few ideas and have been happy with it as I like the look of the rally fender. Sorry about the multiple edits too early in the morning for me.