Rally fairing?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by caljw, May 1, 2012.

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    Jun 11, 2008
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    I've been trying to track down info on a rally type fairing for my 1150gs....the Desierto ll looks better to me than the lll but pricey and hard to find. Anyone have experience with other manufacturers? Customs? Thanks, Mr. Google doesn't turn up much.
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    Oct 16, 2009
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    I am running the Disierto 3 on my 2001 1150gs (Christmas present to myself). It looks great – and totally changes the profile of the bike, gives it more of a rally-style front-end. Living in Manhattan, I ride in the Pine Barrens: 90 minutes south at a fast clip on the NJ Turnpike, then sand for a few hours. So I was looking for something adjustable, durable, and distinctive.

    The first test of my new D3 was a spontaneous 6-hour ride to Virginia in January, then a day on rutted hard-pack. On that dirt road, I lost 3 screws that are key to holding the two-screen system together. I was able to scrounge some replacements that got me home, and so all ended well. Even better: the good folks at Touratech quickly sent me replacements for the screws I had lost.

    For the steep price of the Desierto 3 you get a strong design tweak to the 1150gs, as well as a screen that easily adjusts to the demands of very different terrain and speed. If you are switching between pavement and dirt/sand, some of the screws that hold the screen assembly together really do need a little something extra, like Locktite. Also, kudos to Touratech for their swift support.