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    CB500X Adventure - FAQs and thread index

    edit. 12th September 2017 (by Jenny)

    This is the official Vendor thread for the Rally-Raid Products 'Adventure' kit and associated accessories for the Honda CB500X.


    As we enter our third year of production of the Honda CB500X 'Adventure' kit, this initial development thread that morphed into a vendor thread is now as much an owners' (and prospective owners') community thread - together with the #1 place on the web to ask technical and product specific questions.

    We are also aware this thread is now quite the monster - (as of 20/09/17) over 700,000 views and 5500 individual posts - currently the largest 'single-product' vendor thread on the ADVrider forum - so appreciate that navigating to find a specific answer can initially appear quite daunting...

    Therefore in our effort to continue to improve and enhance our on-line customer service, once again I have taken the opportunity to revise and update the original FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section - originally post #699 - pertaining to the production kit/s and associated parts and accessories; and have included them in full below in this initial post - together with some key links to posts made during the development, to help you navigate the rest of the thread.

    CB500X Adventure FAQs

    (revised 12th September 2017)​

    Please note: These FAQs pertain specifically to the Production Specification Rally-Raid Products CB500X ‘Adventure’ kit, and associated parts and accessories for the Honda CB500X, CB500F and CBR500R where appropriate.

    1) I see there are three ‘Levels’ of kit available, can you explain the key differences to me in simple terms?

    The LEVEL 1 kit upgrades the standard travel suspension with higher quality and adjustable components front and rear. This is the ideal option for those who do not wish to raise the seat height at all. The LEVEL 1 rear shock and front fork kit are available separately or as a pair, and a Hydraulic Preload Adjuster is now available as an option for the LEVEL 1 rear shock. These components are also suitable replacement/upgrades for the CB500F and CBR500R models too.

    The LEVEL 2 kit is essentially the +2” (50mm) long-travel suspension kit. The rear shock is fully adjustable (offering individual rebound plus high & low speed compression damping) with a remote reservoir. There is also the option of hydraulic remote preload adjuster for the LEVEL 2 rear shock. The LEVEL 2 front fork components increase the travel to match the longer shock; while the kit also includes revised geometry rear-linkage components, a billet top triple-clamp (which choice of standard or Fat-Bar risers) and a longer side-stand.

    Retaining your OEM cast aluminium wheels means this option is primarily for those riders who spend the majority of their time on-road, but would appreciate more ground clearance afforded by the longer travel and better quality suspension. It is also an option for those with budget constraints, as the LEVEL 3 17/19" Adventure spoked wheel-set and 19” front fender can always be purchased at a later date, once the long-travel suspension has been fitted.

    Finally the LEVEL 3 kit is what we consider the full 'Adventure' conversion to the CB500X - which comprises the integrated package of our long-travel and uprated/adjustable suspension, together with a replacement heavy-duty spoked wheel-set offering a 17” rear and 19” diameter front wheel - improving suspension performance, increasing ground clearance and allowing a wider range of dual-sport and all-terrain tyres to be fitted.

    note. In 2016 we introduced an anodised gold wheel rim option in addition to the standard black (powder coated) rims. Therefore, all orders for the full LEVEL 3 kit are now split into two parts - comprising the LEVEL 2 suspension kit, plus the LEVEL 3 wheel 'upgrade' kit in your choice of wheel colour.

    2) OK, that seems clear enough, but what is the level 1b suspension kit I read about?

    The LEVEL 1b kit is essentially the standard-travel length version of the fully-adjustable LEVEL 2 shock - and as with the standard LEVEL 1 kit, the 1b kit does not raise the seat hight at all. Once again, a Hydraulic Preload Adjuster is now available as an option on all our rear shocks.

    3) Can I purchase any of the suspension components separately, or do they have to be bought as a package?

    It is possible to buy the standard travel length LEVEL 1 front or rear suspension components separately - as these do not affect the geometry of the bike in any way.

    However, the longer-travel LEVEL 2 suspension components must be fitted as a matched pair and are sold as a package - since it is also essential to fit the revised rear linkage components together with the Adventure top triple-clamp that are included as part of the +2” (50mm) long-travel suspension package.

    4) I love the look of the spoked wheels - can I just buy the wheels on their own?

    It is not physically possible to fit the 19” front wheel on the CB500X without the longer-travel LEVEL 2 suspension kit...

    However, in 2016 we also introduced a ‘LEVEL 1’ heavy-duty spoked wheel kit that features the same 17” rear wheel together with a dedicated 17" front wheel, which can be fitted either in conjunction with our LEVEL 1 (standard travel) suspension, or indeed independently of any suspension upgrade if you wish.

    The 17/17” rims are designed to accept the OEM size tyres, or more all-terrain appropriate alternatives - and we recommend the Continental TKC80 which is offered in dedicated front and rear 17” sizes.

    note: currently all our spoked wheels require tubes to be fitted regardless of the tyres chosen - but please see below.

    5) My original cast wheels are tubeless - but you say I have to fit tubes to your spoked wheels?

    Yes, as standard you do have to use inner tubes with our spoked wheels, even inside tubeless tyres (such as the continental TKC80) - however we can now offer all our spoked wheels professionally converted to tubeless (with a 4 year warranty) from the point of purchase (please contact rally Raid Products directly to further information).

    6) Ok, I’m ready to buy - I see you are based in the UK - how do I purchase the parts I want?

    Rally Raid Products have a comprehensive web-shop: www.rally-raidproducts.co.uk, that accepts International payment in a range of currencies, proportional to the default UK pound pricing.

    We use UPS for worldwide shipping, to most destinations using their 48 hour priority service. Typically all products in stock shipped to both Europe and the USA arrive within a week.

    7) Can I fit the suspension/full Adventure kit myself at home, or does it need professional installation?

    The kit/s have been designed to be DIY fit, and full step-by-step instructions are available on the Rally Raid Products website to read/download at the bottom of each respective product page.

    The kit/s have been specifically designed to be completely bolt-on, and there is no need to cut or weld anything to fit the upgraded components. Typical workshop tools - a metric socket set, wrenches and allen keys are really all that is required. Should you prefer a professional workshop to undertake the work on your behalf, then they too will appreciate the straightforward nature of the conversion.

    note. To safely fit the front and rear suspension components, you will need support the bike so that no weight is on either the swing-arm/front forks in turn. In that regard, we suggest you consider our Adventure Engine Guard which cradles the engine, and fit that first of all - then you can support the complete weight of the bike on a scissor lift directly underneath the engine.

    In addition, while the vast majority of the installation is simple bolt-off bolt-on, you will be required to remove the fork internal components and replace them with the new Rally Raid parts. If you are not confident or familiar with such a procedure, we do recommend obtaining the assistance of an experienced and/or professional workshop mechanic for that element of the conversion.

    8) Can I still use a centre stand if I fit the longer-travel LEVEL 2 Adventure suspension?

    No. Unfortunately the standard length centre-stand is not long enough to lift the rear wheel off the ground once the +2” (50mm) suspension has been fitted. The Adventure suspension also requires a longer side-stand to replace the original (supplied as part of the LEVEL 2 suspension kit), and there is simply not enough space for both stands to stow correctly on the bike.

    9) OK, so how can I lift the rear wheel for chain maintenance for example?

    We realise it is useful to be able to lift the rear wheel off the ground for maintenance, but at the same time, consider a traditional centre-stand bulky, and unnecessary weight to carry around with you for the vast majority of the time.

    Instead we would suggest you consider a short removable prop-stand* similar to those used by dual-sport riders - which typically locates under the swing-arm and is used in conjunction with the side stand to lift the rear wheel a few inches off the ground.

    *see video link in the section below for an example/recommendation.

    For workshop and home maintenance, we strongly recommend you invest in either a traditional paddock stand to lift the rear wheel (the universal type can be used with many other motorcycles too of course), or a simple scissor-lift that can be used to lift either wheel in conjunction with the Rally Raid Adventure engine guard.

    10) My bike has ABS - do the Rally Raid spoked wheels still work with the ABS?

    Yes, they certainly do. In the UK and Europe the CB500X is only sold as an ABS equipped model, so it was essential that our replacement wheels would retain all the OEM ABS and braking components. They work equally well with the non-ABS bikes too of course.

    In addition, the RRP spoked wheels also retain the OEM cush-drive/rear sprocket assembly, and everything is re-mounted using the OEM hardware. This makes ordering replacement parts such as wheel-bearings a seals very straightforward.

    11) I see that some manufactures offer ‘switchable’ ABS these days, is that something I can have too?

    Yes. Again, the UK/EU bikes all come with ABS as standard, and while we feel it is an excellent system both on-road and off, there may be an occasion (traditionally in very technical off-road terrain) that you absolutely don’t want the ABS to cut in.

    We offer a simple ABS bypass switch that complete disengages the front and rear ABS, allowing the bike to behave in exactly the same way as the non-ABS version (which is sold in the United States for example) does. When the ABS is disengaged, a dash warning light is illuminated to remind you. You can also switch between ABS on and ABS off on-the-fly as you ride along.

    12) How much taller is the bike once the long-travel LEVEL 2 suspension and 17/19” spoked wheels are fitted?

    We have measured our LEVEL 3 bike (fitted with Continental TKC80 all-terrain tyres) at a little over 34" seat height (870mm). To compare, the standard seat hight on the OEM cast alloy wheels and street-biased tyres is 31.9 inches (810mm).

    13) I’m rather short in the leg, what are my options to upgrade if I want to ride my bike off-road more seriously?

    We realise that the CB500X does appeal to shorter riders, which is why we felt it important to offer the same high quality suspension components as our full LEVEL 3 Adventure kit, in standard travel/ride-height length for both front and rear.

    The LEVEL 1 (or 1b) upgraded suspension components will make the most of the original travel available, without raising the seat height at all - you just have to keep in mind that without raising the bike, your ground clearance is still limited.

    Therefore we would certainly recommend also fitting the RRP tubular Engine Guard to protect the otherwise vulnerable sump; while our heavy-duty foot-pegs offer a far larger platform for when standing while riding off-road, and indeed improve general comfort when riding long distances too.

    Finally, the recently introduced LEVEL 1 17/17" spoked wheel combo also provides stronger and more resilient heavy duty rally-bike specification wheels, which accept the OEM size tyres or similar more all-terrain tread pattern alternatives.

    Whether you specify the new 17/17" spoked wheels or chose to retain the OEM cast wheels, we recommend fitting the Continental TKC80 in 120/70 x 17” front and 150/70 x 17” rear sizes - which will make the bike feel significantly more sure-footed and capable off-road than the standard tyres.

    14) If I fit the LEVEL 3 Adventure kit, can I swap between my OEM cast wheels for commuting during the week, then swap to the spoked wheels for off-road use?

    Yes, if you so wish - however, we have designed the Adventure kit to specifically improve and enhance the standard CB500X into more of an ‘all-road all-rounder’, without compromising its day-to-day usability at all.

    Indeed, the full LEVEL 3 Adventure conversion ought to be considered a complete re-engineering of the original bike, making it comparable with other mid-size adventure bikes such as the BMW700GS, V-Strom XT or Kawasaki KLR650 for example - I trust none of which you'd consider required changing the wheels every weekend?

    We strongly believe that with the right tyres fitted, you’ll soon appreciate it is by no means essential to swap between your wheels with any regularity. However, having your OEM cast wheels available does mean you could always have those fitted with something more suitable for spirited on-road riding, or if you regularly commute and want to save your all-terrain tyres specifically for longer adventure rides. All you would need to do is swap the OEM brake discs and cush-drive assembly between each set of wheels as desired.

    15) Do I need to change the gearing (my chain and sprockets) if I fit the LEVEL 3 spoked wheels?

    No. One of the main reasons we decided to retain the 17" rear wheel diameter is so that the final-drive gearing would remain the same, and that the speedometer (which is driven from the gearbox) also remains accurate. Of course there is nothing to stop you gearing up or down a few teeth to suit a personal preference, and do consider that depending on what brand/size/tread-pattern rear tyre you fit, the rear wheel may be slightly larger in diameter overall than standard - but we found that when using a 150/70 x 17 Continental TKC80 for example, there is no appreciable difference.

    16) I see the LEVEL 2 longer-travel suspension kit comes with new rear linkage parts and a replacement top triple-clamp too - why is that?

    The rear linkage components are essential to allow the longer (+50mm travel) rear shock to physically fit on the bike, and to retain the original leverage ratio for the rear suspension.

    At the front, the LEVEL 2 components offer +30mm more travel over standard (so that both the front and rear suspension are equal, at 170mm travel), and as part of the geometry revisions, it was also essential to lower the top of forks by 20mm, which is achieved with our billet top triple-clamp.

    In addition, the Adventure top triple-clamp offers a choice of handlebar mounting position when using the OEM handlebars, plus the option of Fat-bar risers should you wish to fit stronger aluminium handle bars; and also incorporates dedicated mountings for an optional Scotts steering damper.

    Also included in the LEVEL 2 package is a longer replacement side-stand so that the bike remains at the correct angle with the longer suspension fitted.

    17) I really don’t like the stock handlebars, but I understand their shape means the choice of alternatives is very limited - is there any alternative from Rally-Raid Products?

    Yes. The Adventure top triple-clamp (standard with the LEVEL 2 & 3 kits) has a choice of bar riser. You can specify the standard height bar risers to retain the (22mm) stock bars, or select the high-rise Fat-bar option that is designed to accept 28mm bars - mounting them correspondingly higher so that a wider selection of traditional MX/Enduro bars can be fitted to the bike.

    Our Fat-bar risers have been specifically designed to mount the Renthal 'RC High' bend (84mm rise) bars, as we feel these offer the combination of rise and sweep for off-road riding (and indeed are a very popular choice with rally riders), and fit with the OEM cables, hoses and switchgear wiring without modification.

    New for 2017 is also a dedicated LEVEL 1 top triple-clamp, which is direct replacement for the OEM cast component, but similarly allows the choice of standard or Fat-Bar risers to be fitted - plus the addition of a steering damper if you wish.

    18) The LEVEL 3 kit comes with a replacement front fender - why is that necessary, and why a low fender?

    The street-style OEM front fender is designed to fit closely around a 17" tyre, and there simply isn't enough clearance for the 19" spoked wheel to fit. The LEVEL 3 kit comes with a dedicated replacement 19" front fender (and new mounting hardware), that properly follows the profile of the new wheel, and offers improved mud-clearance.

    Fundamentally, because of the brake-hose routing, it is not possible to fit a high fender successfully on the ABS equipped bikes; but we also feel that the low rally-style fender compliments the bikes styling, and also offers better protection to the front of the engine and radiator too.

    19) I have a CB500F model - can I fit the longer-travel LEVEL 2 suspension to my bike too?

    Yes. The rear shock, linkage and the fork internal dimensions are exactly the same, so its perfectly possible to fit the LEVEL 2 front and rear suspension if you wanted more travel and ground clearance. You could even fit the complete LEVEL 3 Adventure kit including the front and rear spoked wheels and 19 front fender if you wanted.

    - - -
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    - - -​

    Previous thread introduction (March 2015):

    This thread originally started back in September 2014, when some of KTMmitch's posts were trimmed from the main CB500X thread and condensed here - forcing us to concentrate our feedback and development programme in a dedicated thread - which fortunately most people on the main CB500X thread are now aware of...

    With the bike making it's public debut tomorrow in London at the annual Ace Cafe Overland Day one-day event - albeit still in pre-production form (photo below from last weekend) - we have effectively wrapped up our initial development during these past six months and will now be concentrating on production, together with our future developments and new introductions.

    So below is a list of links to what we consider are/were the key points in the development process - that help to explain the concept of the bike, together with the reasons why our development has led to the ultimate specification we have chosen. I've also tried to select posts that have photos to illustrate the various aspects - after all we all love photos!

    On the whole I have included both our initial posts/plans from early on, together with more recent updates as we got closer to finalising the production spec - obviously the later posts are the more defining answer, but we feel it important (as a summary of the development) to show the process we went through to reach this stage.

    One key question being asked now that production is imminent is "how can we buy it?" - and in that regard it is worth noting here that everything will be available to order online directly from the Rally Raid Products UK web-shop, with worldwide shipping though UPS.

    In the meantime, please feel free to continue asking any specific questions in relation to a particular post... and it would be helpful if you could also include the original post number too (bottom right of each individual post - now the forum has been updated).

    Hopefully the links below will help make navigation of what is rapidly becoming a monster of thread more simple for future reference...

    Thank you again for all your support in this project!

    Jenny & John.

    edit. photo added 8th April 2015

    photo. Rally Raid Products' pre-production CB-X 500 Adventure test bike 15th March 2015

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    Phew! - although I imagine that should help a lot!

    edit. added 2nd April 2015:

    Detailed kit descriptions and official retail prices in GBP inc. 20% VAT:

    • LEVEL 1 upgraded standard ride-height/travel suspension kit: post #648 http://www.advrider.com/forums/showpost.php?p=26494565&postcount=648

    • LEVEL 2 long-travel Adventure suspension kit: post #649 http://www.advrider.com/forums/showpost.php?p=26494709&postcount=649

    • LEVEL 3 complete CB500X Adventure kit: post #650 http://www.advrider.com/forums/showpost.php?p=26494902&postcount=650

    • CB500X Adventure accessories (available at launch): post #651 http://www.advrider.com/forums/showpost.php?p=26495086&postcount=651

    edit. added 7th March 2016:

    • Comparison between 2013-15 models and 2016 model: post #2557 http://advrider.com/index.php?threa...s-honda-cb500x.1012021/page-128#post-28873884

    • Building the 2016 'Heritage' LEVEL 3 UK demo bike: post #2558 http://advrider.com/index.php?threa...s-honda-cb500x.1012021/page-128#post-28875077

    Original post from 22nd September 2014:

    The prototype wheels for our Motoden Honda CB500X arrived today from Talon Engineering, and it took just a couple of hours to fit them in, using new machined spacers to suit the billet hubs.
    The front is a 19" rim, and the rear an 18", but we will probably use a 17" as standard so as to keep the seat height reasonable.
    This will allow a wider choice of trail rubbber for those wishing to take this bike on the trails.
    The next step is to production cnc machine the special rear hub so that can be used with the OEM rear cush drive
    The tyres fitted are a bit narrow for the rims, but it was all we had today, but will fit wider rubber later.
    Note that we have retained the OEM discs and ABS sensor rings.
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  2. Dave1899

    Dave1899 Been here awhile

    Aug 23, 2014
    Gainesville, FL
    Wow those look fantastic :clap
  3. Kray

    Kray Long timer

    Jul 13, 2013
    Knoxville, TN

    Man that rear tire is SUPER skinny though. Funny to see. This is looking great! Definitely interested to see what the 17/19 setup looks like.
  4. sparky831

    sparky831 Weekend Warrior

    Aug 31, 2014
    Mill City, Oregon
    Awesome! Those look great. Do you have a ballpark idea of the possible availability date?
  5. ktmmitch

    ktmmitch Long timer

    Sep 29, 2009
    i would expect finished billet wheel sets to be ready by end of the year, along with a range of other adventure parts, aluminium bash plate, front fender adaptor to raise it up, improved rear shock and fork extension/damping kit.
  6. JustKip

    JustKip Long timer

    Apr 28, 2007
    Fresno, CA

    You've just moved the 500X into the #1 spot for a replacement for my recently wrecked GS
  7. aai

    aai Adventurer

    Jun 15, 2014
    Rolling Thunder
    thanks Mitch!
  8. bamamate

    bamamate Been here awhile

    Jul 16, 2013
    Any idea if they would also fit the NC700x?
  9. Dave1899

    Dave1899 Been here awhile

    Aug 23, 2014
    Gainesville, FL
    <table border="0" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" width="100%"> <tbody><tr> <td class="alt2" style="border:1px inset"> Originally Posted by ktmmitch [​IMG]
    i would expect finished billet wheel sets to be ready by end of the year, along with a range of other adventure parts, aluminium bash plate, front fender adaptor to raise it up, improved rear shock and fork extension/damping kit.
    </td> </tr> </tbody></table>
    Mitch, will your bash plate fit with a Honda OEM center stand?
  10. ktmmitch

    ktmmitch Long timer

    Sep 29, 2009
  11. JMo (& piglet)

    JMo (& piglet) Unicorn breeder

    Apr 1, 2007
    Somewhere west of Laramie...
    If I might answer on his behalf - KTMmitch and I talked about this only yesterday!

    Yes is the short answer [edit. Ha, as John has just replied above!] - the idea is produce a range of parts that are certainly compatible with the current Honda OEM accessories - and quite possibly the vast majority of aftermarket alternative parts such as centre stands and luggage racks that owners have already fitted...

    Certainly we are aware that there are a large number of existing owners who have already started to modify their bikes, and we don't want potential customers having to abandon accessories they have already purchased and fitted if they don't have to...

    However, at the same time, we trust that potential customers would also agree that we wouldn't want to compromise on our own designs if it is fundamentally compromised to try and fit it around other manufacturers accessories (either aftermarket or OEM)?

    That said, the initial product line (as KTMmitch describes above) will essentially be unique to RRP in any case - that is the 'Adventure' conversion using bespoke wheels and suspension... and as the catalogue of parts and accessories expands, we will ensure that any modifications are both reversible, and that they integrate seamlessly with each other; and wherever feasible also utilise as many of the OEM parts as possible - not just to keep the initial costs down, but so that spares, servicing and any warranty issues are kept as simple as possible.

    In addition, where we do also produce our own version of accessories already commercially available (such as skid plate/s, luggage racks and exhausts for example), we will of course endeavour to improve upon any existing designs - and trust that once the full catalogue of Rally Raid Products for the CB500X is available, potential purchasers will consider it a one-stop-shop for the definitive range of accessories for this bike, in much the same way that their extensive range of parts for the KTM 690 has developed.

  12. Dave1899

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    Aug 23, 2014
    Gainesville, FL
    Thanks guys. I will patiently await the CB500X bash plate and other compatible accessories you come up with.:clap
  13. bhorocks

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    Jun 30, 2008
    Phoenix az
    Peg relocation kit for tall riders.. Forward and down 1.5 inches.. 2 if possible. Taller suspension should help with this.
  14. Kray

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    Jul 13, 2013
    Knoxville, TN
    Yes, nearly the same exact wheel/tire fitment measurements.
  15. sparky831

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    Aug 31, 2014
    Mill City, Oregon
    Wow, those are all the things I was thinking I would like on my bike when I was riding over 15 miles of dirt the other day...wheels, suspension and engine protection. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  16. JMo (& piglet)

    JMo (& piglet) Unicorn breeder

    Apr 1, 2007
    Somewhere west of Laramie...
    Yes, as KTMmitch explains above, the tyres in the photos are simply there to get the bike on it's [prototype] wheels - we imagine most people will want to fit similar sizes to the BMW GS range - so a 110/19 front and 150/17 rear for example, much the same as the Thai bike on the left here:


    So the production rim widths will be optimised for those sizes...

    In general 18" rear tyres tend to be narrower, either 130 or 140 width - although the Michelin Desert 140 is a big chunky thing for sure!

    However, out of interest, I see that Continental do make an 18 inch rear TKC80 in 150/18 size (typically fitted to the KTM 950/990) if you specifically wanted an 18" wheel but wanted to retain the fat look.


    It also seems they do a 170/17 rear and a 120/19 front too - boy, that would look like a beach cruiser!

  17. Cruz

    Cruz Lost but laughing.

    Nov 3, 2008
    Northside Brisbane, Qld Australia
    Good stuff Mitch and Jen, keep it up. :clap
  18. Lion BR

    Lion BR I'd rather be riding

    Oct 18, 2005
    Looking awesome!!!
  19. JMo (& piglet)

    JMo (& piglet) Unicorn breeder

    Apr 1, 2007
    Somewhere west of Laramie...
    Since the posts above have been moved here from the main CB500X thread, I thought I would recap the outline of the project, so that any visitors who have stumbled upon this thread are up to speed:

    In summary, Rally Raid Products will be producing an 'Adventure' kit for the CB500X, to make the bike a little more dirt-worthy and all-road capable.

    I'm sure you appreciate it will not be a hard-core off-road/rally bike like their bikes built around a KTM 690 Enduro, and indeed while they realise anything is possible with enough time and money as the Thai bikes have proved (below)...


    ...realistically, the vast majority of owners are not going to want a 4+ inch increase in seat height, never mind the associated [high] costs of a completely new front end, much longer shock, and re-routed exhaust?

    That said, they haven't ruled out a 'full-fat' 18/21 inch and USD fork combo completely as an evolution, it's just it won't happen initially, and not unless there is a genuine and significant demand...

    Stage 1 Adventure kit
    Instead the 'Adventure' kit will hopefully address a few of the shortcomings with the standard bike, especially when it's used away from the highway.

    The replacement wheel-set is key to the conversion - using a 17" rear rim (the prototype in the photos at the beginning of this thread is an 18" rim as KTMmitch also wanted to check clearance should an 18/21 inch version be produced), together with a 19" front wheel - both of which will utilise the existing disc rotors, and ABS ring where applicable, and the rear OEM cush-drive assembly - keeping the cost of changing to a minimum, and ensuring dealer parts compatibility.

    This wheel-set has been designed to typically accept the tyre combo you might find on a BMW GSA for example - that is a 110/80 x 19 front and 150/70 x 17 rear, although other combinations are available of course, and optional rim sizes likely to be available to special order.

    Typically coupled with this will be a stage one suspension upgrade which will include a slightly longer (only +1 inch) rear shock, together with a remote preload adjuster - something that a number of riders are going to appreciate, particularly those who might travel solo during the week, then load up with camping gear or a passenger at the weekends.

    We intend to match the rear replacement shock with fork inserts that allow a degree of adjustability - at this stage it is not known whether any meaningful increase in front travel will be attained, it very much depends on the current fork leg overlap. Again, the key to keeping this 'stage one' conversion cost effective is to retain the existing fork legs, and just improve the internals - otherwise you are looking at an alternative wheel, new brakes, ABS (if that were even compatible), never mind the cost of replacement forks and triple clamps.

    In addition, the combination of a 19" front wheel and a +1 inch rear travel increase will keep the bike level, and fundamentally not increase the seat height significantly, which we feel is a key attribute to this bike suiting so many riders?

    That is the basic mechanics of the project so far - effectively improving the quality (and adjustability) of the stock suspension, increasing the ground clearance slightly, and fitting a stronger and more dirt-worthy wheel-set that will accept a wider range of dual-sport tyres.

    Optional accessories and other upgrade parts
    Of course Rally Raid will also be producing a complete range of accessories and optional upgrade parts: including a full length skid-plate, and mid/high level and much lighter-weight exhaust silencer, high front fender conversion, and a new nose/screen/fairing assembly that will more closely replicate the HRC Honda Dakar bikes - and this will also have the benefit in providing optional/upgraded and auxiliary lighting protected by the screen itself. There is also likely to be a luggage rack and other ancillary parts (footpegs, levers, foot controls etc.) available.

    Fundamentally though, the idea is that the catalogue of parts will work together or separately as the owner desires - for example, you might just want a high fender conversion to use with your stock 17 tyres, and a luggage rack? Or you might want an improved screen and lighting because you do a lot of highway riding at night, and fancy a Dakar inspired graphics kit to go with it too of course ;o) Or just the suspension upgrade might be appropriate if you never take the bike on the dirt but regularly load up at weekends for example.

    Indeed, it would be perfectly feasible to just fit a wheel-set if you wanted (although we envisage most people would combine that with the suspension upgrade, and probably a skid-plate too), together with a simple bracket set to raise the stock front fender sufficiently.

    Please feel free to ask any specific questions about specification and the development here - it is now a Vendors thread after all ;o)

  20. markinthailand

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    May 12, 2014
    Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand
    Any idea of the costs for this sort of conversion? Would it be similar to what they've got for other bikes?

    Rough ballpark ideas are fine!