Rallye HSE management plan Help needed from Health and safety guys and girls

Discussion in 'Racing' started by PlecoLB, Jul 11, 2013.

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    Hello there.

    I have been asked to assist with the safety part of a rallye event here in South Africa.

    To get an events license, you need to have a hse management plan in place.

    I have done these before for contractor companies, and the principles stay the same. But the risk assessments are way different.

    Due to time constraints here, could anybody assist with Risk assessments, HSE policies and an HSE management plan that has been done specifically for a bike rally event that I may use and adapt for local requirements?

    I am not doing this for reward, but as a volunteer, so will not make money out of it.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.
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    Wow your not worried that the event will not go ahead based on Risk Assessment :)

    Im sorry I don't have anything I can directly contribute but it would be a good exercise to be involved in.

    I just hope it can be kept 'real' without some scholar HSE nut taking over and screwing up another activity.

    To give an example of this pathetic ness; in Australia now they have officials standing around watching that an enviro mat is used under a Moto at refuelling.

    I bet you will end up with it, if it is not there already. But it is insane and simply there as a tick box item for management to be showing that initiates are being implemented. This is only for their sake and does nothing for rider HSE.

    You shall use an enviromat under the Moto when refuelling it measures 3 or 400 square, I should know the reg on this but it just pisses me off so much I refuse to remember it.

    It is supposed to catch spillage. Mostly if there is any it just goes straight onto the ground around the mat.
    You look around while refuelling and see another 40 jerry cans of all shapes sizes and conditions just sitting there with real potential for environmental effects. But nothing in place, huge risks, but no we have 'officials' standing oblivious to this making sure there is a mat placed under the bike. Does not matter where even as long as it is somewhere under the bike.

    This is the sort of stupidity I refer to. It adds no value just another distraction to the racing game. All because some dickhead was making an improvement to the HSE plan..