Rambling East from Nashville

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    Well, here ya have it. This is my first ever ride report so bare with me.

    First things first, I want to state that I only have 13 months of cumulative riding experience (10 months on a 650GS single back in 09 and now 3 months with my Bonneville), albeit I do have 13000 miles behind me. With that being said, I still very much consider myself a novice and welcome any and all input / suggestions along the way.

    On June 15, I left Nashville and headed east. I had camping gear, 8 days, and a very vague plan of where I was headed. In the end I made it to the OuterBanks of NC, the Blue Ridge, 4 states and 2381 miles.

    Two things I learned is in the future I will take MORE pics and stay in one place longer next time.

    Day one:
    I left Nashville about 6:30 am and headed up Hwy 31 E thru Gallatin, TN. I stopped off at a Starbucks for some coffee (a recurring theme on this trip and in my life, Coffee, not Starbucks) and to download some music from the cloud to my phone that I had neglected to do before leaving home. The downloading took much longer than expected, but I was really in no hurry.
    So with tunes loaded, I had some Black Crowes, some Black coffee, and a Black Bonneville. It was time to move along.