RawHyde's Adventure Days Nov. 8th-11th

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    Jim Hyde sent out an email to his many newsletter followers so I figured, I'd post it here to ensure we reach anyone who isn't already a subscriber.


    Hi Folks, Don’t forget that Adventure Days is coming the weekend of November 9<sup>th </sup>What is Adventure Days? Its partly a rally… partly an “Expo”… and it’s all about adventure on two wheels.
    Nothing like Adventure Days has ever been attempted before and we’d really love your support of the event. There are two ways you can participate – You can join us for all three days as part of our Rally Package in which case you’ll get all the classes, all the rides, 8 meals, evening entertainment, and access to the “Dakar Bar” and a whole lot more (for only $249) or… you can come for a single day between the hours of 9 and 5 to visit the vendors and participate in a few classes or clinics for no charge.
    Sign up here for the whole program: http://www.advlife.us/advdays/<wbr>advdays-signup.pdf
    If you are a local rider and would like to attend using a “Day Pass” you can pick one up at your local area BMW Dealership or you can get a pass electronically by going to the Adventure Days website and downloading the “day pass voucher” at the bottom of the home page.
    Please note that once you’ve downloaded the day pass, you’ll need to confirm your attendance by RSVP. Directions for the RSVP are printed on the ticket. The RSVP will generate an auto response indicating we’ve gotten your request and we’ll send additional information to your email box as it becomes available.
    ** Note if you request a day pass electronically we need you to RSVP after

    Please take a look at the class and clinic list below – every topic under the sun is being covered plus several travel presentations and more.
    If you just want to have some fun with your bike there will be also be daily guided rides. If you are looking for an education on any topic related to Adventure Riding you’ll find it at Adventure days.
    So what is there to do? Let me assure you there’s plenty. Here’s the list of activities so far- more classes, clinics, and presentations are being added daily.
    1. Navigation – proper use of a GPS, track editing, data entry for rescue and more (taught by Touratech or?)
    2. Navigation – GPS to Map translations (Graham Jackson from Overland Expo)
    3. Tire repair products – options and “whats right for you” (taught by David Petersen of Best Rest Products)
    4. Diagnostic troubleshooting using your smart phone (taught by Ted Porter from GS911)
    5. Satellite communications 101, Satellite internet and phone (taught by Ocens Technology)
    6. Riding Gear Tech. How todays science fabric can keep you dry, cool and safe all at the same time. (taught by Klim)
    7. Proper protection for the adventure motorcycle – Taught by Touratech or?
    8. Proper protection for the adventure motorcycle – Taught by Black Dog Cycle
    9. Keeping electronics happy - so much demand, so little power – manage it properly (taught by Rowe Electronics)
    10. Surviving the unexpected - what happens if you get stuck - snow, flash floods and other things?
    11. Electronic Technology- “doing more with less” (Nick Taylor)
    12. The science of off road lighting ( Gordon Allen from Baja Designs)
    13. First Aid for the Adventure Motorcyclist (Sharif Massoud & Travis Kuehn – Paramedics)
    Panel discussions:
    1. Setting up your bike for Adventure (what’s right for you)
    2. Packing and preparing for Adventure (take what you need AND what you want)
    3. Choosing the right Adventure Bike
    4. Hard side luggage vs fabric, Aluminum vs Plastic pro’s and cons. (Jesse luggage, Happy Trails, Giant Loop, Wolfman, Micatech, Touratech.
    Non Riding Clinics:
    1. Suspension setup – taking the mystery out of it all. (Progressive Suspension and Ted Porter from Wilbers suspension)
    2. Tire changing – by hand and by machine
    3. Tools – what to bring and why? (Taught by Adventure Designs)
    4. Packing for a trip (by Wolfman luggage)
    5. Night Time auxiliary light “shoot out” (Rigid, Baja Designs and Clearwater lights)
    Riding Clinics:
    1. The Basics of Dirt riding (for noobies)
    2. Two up Adventures – (take a passenger with you)
    3. Skidding on dirt (its not like on the pavement)
    4. Basics of Sand. (everyone loves to hate sand)
    5. The GS Trophy Clinic – BMW of Germany has designed a skills course that “defines” a skilled adventure rider. Since RawHyde has hosted the GS trophy competition twice we’ve re-created the Trophy Skills course and the RawHyde Team will show you how to approach and conquer the course.
    1. Around the world in 365 days ( Edelweiss Bike Travel)
    2. Motorcycle Adventure in the Himalaya’s. (slideshow- Nick Taylor)
    3. London to Capetown adventure – (Graham Jackson from Overland expo)
    Recreational rides and other fun things:
    1. Dailey guided rides leaving at 9:00 AM
    2. Demo rides on new BMW GS model bikes
    3. Challenge yourself on the official BMW GS Trophy course and other select challenges at the BMW off road academy.
    4. Live entertainment at night, music, movies and slideshows of adventure.
    5. Nightly action at RawHyde’s Dakar Bar.
    I hope to see you at Adventure Days… If you need more information click here - http://www.advlife.us/advdays/<wbr>index.html
    All the best, Jim Hyde
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    Thanks for the move. Was unsure where to post this.:freaky

    Hope to see some of you there!!

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    We will be there. Should be a great time!
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    See you there Kurt. Looking forward to catching up.
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    Anyone wants to hook up on the 5 - I will be leaving the bay area around 3pm. See you guys there.
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    See you there! Ride safe.
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    I think it's great that you can attend a day for free. I'm coming up Sunday and looking forward to it.