Recall 2008-2010 650GS (Canada)

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    Recall: BMW F650 GS

    November 10, 2010
    By Cycle Canada

    Transport Canada has included BMW's F650GS, model years 2008-2010, in its latest round of recall notices. Here's what they say the problem is:
    On certain motorcycles, the length of one or more of the front brake disc fasteners may be insufficient. If the length of a fastener was insufficient, this could result in the fastener not being tightened according to specifications. If this happened, the fastener could work loose from its threads or cause the screws to shear off and the brake disc will then rotate loosely between the hub and fork. Failure to have the motorcycle inspected and repaired, in conjunction with traffic, road conditions, and the rider's reactions, will increase the risk of a crash.
    Correction: Dealers will replace the affected fasteners.
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    Ouch, someone out there could be riding on short bolts and never know it until something bad happens! :eek1