Recommend a sleeping pad that is comfortable, warm, and packable

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by cdogg44, Nov 5, 2012.

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    Downmat\Synmat 7 is 7cm thick, which is 2.8 inches
    Downmat\synmat 9 is 9cm thick, which is 3.5 inches

    The DLX versions are 6" wider and a few inches longer.

    As for pillows I'm still on the hunt for something a bit smaller packing. I went through a town, down is crap, if it compresses to the size of a shot glass then it will also do so with your head on it.

    I have I believe a Kelty luxury something and I picked up another from walmart which was the travellers pillow, it's a regular pillow thats been chopped in half. No, it doesn't pack that small, I put it in an old MC cover bag, which is something like 6x10x2. the pillow is simply folded in two and shoved in there, the Kelty fits into another one, same size, compresses better.

    Key is to not store them that way. Just like your sleeping bag or pad.
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    Exped Synmat
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    I have them both, since I planned to put the mattress on the Kot. Forget it. The Synmat 9 don't need no Kot, and I'm a side-sleeper. Didn't really like the Synmat at first but then I broke down and got the Exped Air Pillow. I have lots and lots of camping pillows, but this one is perfect. The mat and pillow are a perfect combination for me, and the packed size and weight are fantastic.

    Also, this is what I sleep on every weekend in the man-cave while the family makes noise.
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    Just had to throw this in.

    Dillon shooting mat
    wall mart $29.00 tent
    Coleman sleeping bag.

    Upgrading to a military down sleeping bag that takes up less space. It was my Dads.

    I bring 2 pillow cases one for clean clothes one for dirty. I use which ever is more comfortable at the time.


    If I put anything on the rear seat or I can't get on the bike. I have a top case but don't like it.