Red Bull Romaniacs with Desert Rose Racing

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    Nov 5, 2012
    Hi ...........

    For riders who have not done the Romaniacs before, having the right assistance is very important. Over the last three years, we have learnt what riders are looking for in the way of Assistance for this event and so for 2013 we have put together an excellent package. We at Desert Rose want to give you the best, we understand how much effort, training and cost goes into you getting to the event, so we want to enable you to achieve your goal and be able to enjoy the experience.

    We are also working on some pre Romaniacs training days in the uk, which we will post shortly.

    There will also be a tour running along side the event for those riders who may want to perhaps give the event a go but would like to experience riding in Romania first and see what the event holds in store for riders !

    So don't just sit there and be a gunna "gunna do this gunna do that" or latter in life be a "wish I had done" !!

    Here is a link to the Red Bull Romaniacs, have a look to see what a great 5 days riding they provide. http://

    Contact us by message or email: for any questions, aslo have a look at our Facebook page for assistance costs.