Rekluse slave cylinder sticking

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    I've got some shifting "notchiness" on my 12 990R so was going to redo the Rekluse slave install and bleed over with new fluid just in case that might be part of the issue. The slave cylinder is supposed to be springy so you push it in and hold while you put fluid in, pump etc until full. It was good when I first installed but this time it sticks. I have to put decent pressure on it then it pops without moving back. I have to use pliers to get it back "open".
    I'll give Rekluse a call tomorrow but guessing some internals must be boogered up somehow. I used Magura blood in the system since that's what they have in their how to vid. I've read the opinion posts on the fluid and am aware of the preferences so no question on that; Just if anyone else has had this problem and the solution.

    Not sure if it matters but I did the full couple turns or so per the directions on the initial install and things seemed to work fine for a TAT trip in May. On the way back (road) the clutch would get mushy after lengthy riding. I talked to Rekluse and redid the adjusting but it was only about 1/2 the turning for it to workout. Admittedly I didn't check it much at all (cuz it wasn't giving me problems) on the ride out. Maybe some air in the system? over that time frame thus the re-bleed. I've researched it some and found info on shifting issues but hoping it's a simple bleed/small part fix.