Renazco Racing seat

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by KTM250rm, Mar 14, 2013.

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    FWIW...I bought ebrabaek's suede renazco and I love it. It's proof that all butts aren't the same as it works great for me. Any other seat and I use an airhawk for any ride over 30 min. Only conundrum I see with the proposed design is the width up front would make it very tough to stand. Biggest issue I have with the renazco is when I stand up, it's wide for getting my feet on the pegs. I move forward to the narrow section and it's better. If you widen the whole seat, I would think it's harder yet.

    Then again, maybe you just have them 'good birthin' hips'
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    Yeah I took a piece of crappy foam I found and made a very garage gangsta trial and it wasn't bad at all for my proposed usage. I plan on using it for long multiday trips, like 400+ miles a day for 2 weeks when I do my Alaska trip. As it really doesn't get much larger than the actual frame of the bike it isn't bad at all and I am 6'1" I clear it no problem. We shall see, I just need to get back to the workshop.
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    All I know is that I rode my bike for 2 hours 2 weeks ago and before I had the seat replaced, I couldn't ride it over 30 mins without feeling like I rode a horse bearback. My butt now thanks me. :rofl
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    i thought they weren't making the 800GS seats with suede anymore because the material shrinks slightly and pulls the nose away from the 'tank' up front..:huh

    anyways i got one with the vinyl cover and about 1.5" taller height and love more feeling like the boys are getting crushed, no burning after 20-30 minutes and the additional height is welcome when going from seated to standing and back again..
    being 6' tall i can touch 1-footed at traffic lights.. coming from a dirt bike background, that feels just fine.
    i swapped seats with a friend mid-ride so he could try my saddle and that uncomfortable feeling was back almost immediately.
    not surprising i had a little difficulty getting my friend to stop and give my seat back!
    anyone know if they still require your old seat pan or do they stock them now?
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    I'm on the list to get a seat!!