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    Bought a very nicely farkled KLR from inmate mattnnc this weekend in Reno and rode home to San Diego area (Ramona). Saw the bike advertised here on Thursday and was riding it home on Saturday. Can't say enough good about Matt - he is selling a few other bikes and I would not hesitate to buy another from him - hope he unloads that nasty ole 950SE some day - actually it's mint.

    Anyway after some good tips from the trip planning threads here I packed light and got some tools (less than 7" is the key) through TSA in my carry on. Matt met me at the airport and back to his house for a quick test ride and paperwork. Hit the road by 1:30. Plan was to hustle through the passes during daylight to avoid icy roads and make it to Bishop for the night.

    After leaving the traffic of Carson City behind me I had the road to myself except for the occasional semi truck or truck/trailer full of snowmobiler's. Temps dropped as low as 36 and the one farkle I was missing was heated grips. I was able to run 70-75 but the hands were getting a little numb from the cold. At least the visibility was clear and I could see for miles and miles.

    Just a few miles past the Mammoth exit the bike suddenly died. Great I'm thinking, I blew her up before I even got her home! Well having raced many two smokes in the past I instantly ...well instantly for a 52 year old I grabbed the clutch and pulled over. As I was still coasting I looked at the speedo and see I had only gone 176 miles - I can't be out of fuel can I? My 09 Klr can go 220 -250 without needing fuel but this baby has a Staintune and KLX needle and who knows what else jetting. So I figured WTH and flipped over to reserve and BINGO! That was the good news, back to life - now the bad news - where the hell do I find gas out here? Dropped her down to 55 and cruised .....just in time to pass a CHP hiding in the median. Well Bishop is still 30 some miles away and I am nursing it. Luck would have it after 10 or so miles of remembering every gas station I had passed earlier I see a sign for Lake Crowley with a little gas pump on it - done deal!

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    Just north of Mono Lake

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    Mono Lake

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    Got to Bishop round 6:30 and hit the Comfort Inn (recommended) and since I hadn't eaten since morning I went to Whiskey Creek for a nice NY steak dinner, couple Mammoth Pale Ales and a shot of J├Ąger to top it off. I found a local hooker and back to the room we went....just kidding...not sure what a hooker in Bishop would look like but I'm good not knowing - anyway I slept like a baby.

    Got up early but it was 18 degrees outside so I gave the bike a look over, adjusted the chain and had a little free breakfast at the motel before hitting the road. 395 South to the 15. Stopped by the "Hat" (best pastrami!) in Rancho Cucamonga by the Bass Pro shops mega store for late lunch and was back in SD by 5. Good roads and no winds through the desert!

    Klr was a champ and never burned a drop of oil!!!!!! I credit the T-bob. Thanks again Matt, hope to ride with you some day!
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    That is a nice KLR.
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    Sorry I missed all of this- really have wanted to see the weather and hookers in Bishop....