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    <hr style="color: rgb(87, 87, 87);" size="1"> Went for a bit of a ride yesterday with PodgeNT. A Quick punt out to Corrborree Park for a coke and
    on the way home we checked out Djukbinj National Park. There's a main entrance on the right hand
    side of the Arnhem Highway about 5k west of Corroborree. The road in is was newly graded and quite
    nice to ride at about 80 to 100. Parks have spent some money in there because there are signs off the
    main road in to several of the Billabongs.
    We took a side track and just kept following it ending up on the edge of the Adelaide River Foodplains.
    Luckily, it was all quite dry through the bush tracks but we didn't want to try our luck on the floodplains.


    Above. Edge of the Adelaide River Floodplains on the western side of Djukbinj NP



    Above: PodgeNT checks out his GPS to find out we really are lost.

    Above: PodgeNT and his well farkled 690

    Thanks Mate - Good ride.
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    The 'farkle' brothers :D

    noice photo's

    see ya at toy run