Rider down in laguna hanson

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    Wow, what a waste. RIP.

    I ride down there a lot and it seems like every trip we see someone coming the opposite way that is going way too fast. Trucks drifting around corners as if they own the road and are in the middle of the baja 1000.

    Dana had given me some tips over the year and will be missed.

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    Hi Brett, I was with a group of riders that came upon the scene of your brother's crash up past Laguna Hansen, west of the sawmill. By the time we got there, the Mexican military was on scene and a trained EMT/Paramedic with our group riding ahead of us had taken a look at your brother. Sadly he had passed.

    It is my understanding that he had just gotten off some single track and was heading towards Valley T. As you know it's dusty up there, and I think the combination of dust and the sun may have blinded him momentarily. Upon seeing the truck and with no place to go, it looked like he tried to lay it down and subsequently impacted the truck. It's hard to know exactly what happened but if you wish feel free to contact me. There are some details and thoughts I would only pass on privately.

    A number of years ago I remember hearing the story of a vintage MX rider up in Tulare, that when the gate dropped, took off like the rest of the field and instead of making the first turn, kept right on going straight where the bike slowed and both him and the bike fell over. By the time the Paramedics got to him, he was gone, later learning from a massive heart attack. In my mind the guy was lucky that just prior to leaving this world and going to see God, he was doing what he loved. Can't think of a better way to make an exit.

    Your bother left this world way to soon and we're all the poorer for it, but he left doing something he truly loved. Rest assured you will see him again.