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Ridin It Down

Discussion in 'Face Plant' started by Engineer John, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Engineer John

    Engineer John Engineer

    Aug 5, 2007
    New Bunswick Canada
    I've had two downs in the past twelve years that resulted in hospital visits and in both cases I was still on the handlebars when it was digging dirt. Why is that? Guys that bail never seem to get hurt.

    Anyways the second one, the left collarbone was remarkable in that I knew it was broken right away so I thought "Gotta pick up the bike before it starts to hurt otherwise I'll be walking home."

    Well I got it up and swung a leg over and then passed out from the pain.

    So I wake up, stand up and start shaking out the cobwebs and a cyclist comes by and asks: Should I call an ambulance?" I say "No, but could you give me a hand standing this up?"

    She fires right up (first time ever it doesn't flood when lying down) and I drive the 2 miles home. I get home and I am soaked in sweat ; I've been under my brother's motor home bleeding brakes and getting filthy. So I decide to have a shower before going to the emergency room for an X-ray and sling.

    Mistake. Trying to get the wet T'shirt off over my head I found the pain excruciating. I look at my collar bone and the skin has several wrinkles over the bump where the break was. I then did a dance to get the shirt off without lifting my arm.

    My wife comes home and can't believe I've broken another one. I show her the wrinkles and she says sh__. I spend a couple hours turning gray in emergency and finally the X-ray and a doctor comes out and says "Yup it's definitely the collarbone. Cheerfully he says "We can't help you, we'll just sling it up and give you some pain pills"

    Man those Oxycodone (same as Oxycontin) are powerful. One tablet by mouth and the pain was gone in 10 minutes.

    Last big ride this year I lock up the back wheel on gravel (missed a gear while standing and accidentally stomped on the brake I think) and slide down the road on the right side. I look down in horror to see my elbow grinding along the gravel surface. Sh__ . I'm still hanging onto the bars! No elbow pads but a rakish tear in the jacket sleeve.

    Dirt riding seems so much safer than road riding with all the texters, drinkers and just plain bad drivers out there. When riding a bike there is no "insulation" like in a car.

  2. mrantimatter

    mrantimatter n00b

    Dec 3, 2007
    NW of Mini Apple
    Is it displaced (ends of the bone far apart)? If so, any thought to getting it plated? I had an off on the track a couple of years ago that resulted in a busted left collar bone. X-rays showed the displacement was about an inch between the ends of the bone, and I got the usual schtick about waiting for it to heal up from the ER folks. That Sunday my primary care physician called me and told me she thought the break was bad enough that I should have surgery. I talked to the Ortho, and he pointed out a study that indicated that when the ends of a collar bone grow back overlapped (shorter), often the patient has shoulder (rotator cuff) problems later in life because of changes to the shoulder geometry. A week later, I had it plated and it was like night and day. Before, I could barely move it and had to work one-handed. Afterwards, I had 80% range of motion and could work and (most importantly) sleep comfortably.

    Just my $.02. Hope you feel better.
  3. Dubl-A

    Dubl-A SuckerDucker

    Mar 15, 2009
    We love our bikes too much! Take care of yourself and get well quick! :freaky
  4. Nacho911

    Nacho911 Been here awhile

    Sep 29, 2009
    Alberta Rocky Mountains Canada
    September 18, I slapped hard, and as you described I rode the bitch into the ground. Not much of mere scraped on the F800GS. I cushioned the bikes blow on the ground. Held the handlebars all the way into the ground. Collarbone, and dislocated big toe, with three metatarsals fractured. I hobbled about 2 km after setting off my SPOT. I thought for sure I punctured my lung, so I was trying to save time. I made it to an ambulance so heli cancelled. My coworkers were not impressed with me. All the while I was thinking if I needed to decompress my chest if I developed a tension pneumothorax I had a leatherman, hand sanitizer, and a tire gauge. I was thinking how that was going to hurt more than a needle. I remember laughing thinking I'd better sit down to do that as if I passed out and fell on it I'd kill myself and my friends would think I killed myself from pain, pussy.


    I gotta learn how to fall too, just sometimes it's over so fast you didn't know WTF just happened
  5. Nacho911

    Nacho911 Been here awhile

    Sep 29, 2009
    Alberta Rocky Mountains Canada
    I did the surgery also, plate, 8 screws, and some chicken wire. I was amazed how you can move so well after surgery. I agree it was the way to go. I have my 2 week post surgery assessment tomorrow.
  6. No False Enthusiasm

    No False Enthusiasm a quiet adventurer

    Nov 4, 2009
    Small Town, Texas
    Have broken three collar bones... left twice, right once.

    Never had surgery, but used a Figure 8 brace rather than a sling.

    Took six weeks to heal each time... no long term problems. Used Advil as necessary.

    First fracture was 37 years ago... third fracture was six months ago.

    Still moto-ing on... Hope you recover quickly.

  7. MatttheHatt

    MatttheHatt Adventurer

    Jun 6, 2012
    Austin, Texas
    I race bicycles. I race them with about 100 other people in my field and we go fast and hard. While I have never broken anything (except when a car hit me but it was just a mastoid process), EVERYBODY I know has fractured at least one of their collarbones at least once. Knowing wrists, collarbones and pelvi are at the top of the injury list encouraged me do do some research into treatments and for collarbones the best treatment, with the least chance of complications and the fastest time back to normal is surgery.

    Get the bone plated and make sure it heals right the first time otherwise you may have to get surgery later anyway if it doesn't heal right the first time. Any sports oriented MD or DO would support getting it plated except for the most minor of fractures with little no displacement (which having wrinkly skin over the break sounds to me like it is not small).

    Good luck,