Riding from California to Southern Ecuador

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    Oct 11, 2013
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    My partner Sophia and I are leaving next month to ride from Southern California to our new home on our friends farm in the Andes of Southern Ecuador. We were meant to leave in April, but she was diagnosed with early breast cancer, but its been treated and is now in full remission.

    Our bikes are a little out of the ordinary for this trip:

    Mine's an '06 Harley Sportster
    Almost stock except for the jetting work needed to make it work properly, a programmable ignition (mainly to dial back the timing if we get poor fuel) and knooblyish dualsport tires.

    Her bike is a Sym Wolf 150
    Its really a '74 or so CB125; rejetted for better performance and higher than stock gearing (may put it back to stock once the mountains start).

    Our route isn't planned out. Probably heading down through Baja and then across to the mainland. We'd like to get over to the east coast of Mexico for a bit too. I'll be looking through threads here for some ideas... and also if you have any suggestions please feel free to chime in.

    I'll be writing almost every day once we leave, and taking photos for my website which is linked below. Ill also post it all here.

    In the meantime please feel free to check out my website if you're interested... there's a whole section on my solo adventures in South America in 2011 - sadly not on a motorcycle - and a bunch of stuff about planning the new trip. Thanks for reading!

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    However much time you are planning to spend in Colombia--double it. You will love the country, the roads, and the people. Don't miss the coffee zone and all of its twisty roads and picturesque villages, the Tatacoa desert, and Medellín and the surrounding area. Stop in for a beer or four at the biker-friendly Shamrock Bar in Medellín's El Poblado, and be sure to stay at the very biker-friendly Casa Blanca Hostel in Cali. If you need any help while on the road, PM me. I have lots of friends and contacts along pretty much your entire route.
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    Nice of you to chronicle the journey! thank you! I have this on my list and hope to leave next year if I can be as lucky as Sophia,! (become cancer free) congrats on the adventure!
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    we look forward to seeing your reports. If you need any help with Ecuador, let us know...