Riding from San Diego to Monterey up the 101 to Laguna Seca for the MotoGP 2013

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    Jul 8, 2013

    I am riding my 650 dual sport "adventure bike" from San Diego, north on the 5, then out to the 101, after going thru LA, then up the 101 to Monterey. I am going to take this route to avoid the heat on the 5 (i.e. going thru Bakersfield) north of the "Grapevine". I am leaving San Diego on Friday morning, the 19th of July, and returning on Monday morning, the 22nd of July. I am wondering if there is any one else going to the races (and back) at Laguna Seca that are riding their bikes, on these same days, and along this same route that I might be able to ride up with. I think it would be more interesting, safer and a lot more fun than riding up alone. I don't plan on speeding, (well maybe a little), so I just wanted to say that up front. If anyone would be interested in riding up together, please let me know.


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    Welcome you to join the motorcycle trip!
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    There should be a steady stream of riders heading to Laguna from LA on both 101 and 1.
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    This needs to get moved to west or ride planning. This is the trip report threads.

    Also riding up Friday, usually go earlier in the week, but had to work. I recommend the 405 thru LA unless you're really early, then bypass LA by taking the 605 to the 210 and the the 118 towards Santa Barbara, north on 101. Temps in the LA basin should be moderating by Friday. San Fernando is probably close to a hundred today.

    Bakersfield is forecast for 100+. The whole San Joquin Valley will be blazes hot. We are going up the coast to SLO, then 101, Hwy 1 if we are early enough. Trying to get into Monterey before 9pm.

    I am leaving OC about noon, picking up another rider in Camirillo. If you would like to try to meet up with us shoot me a PM.

    Have done this trip many times, this is year 4 or 5 or so. My buddies with the campsite on the track have been doing it for over 20 years.

    Last year's RR in my sig.
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    A couple friends and I are riding up from Poway early Thursday morning. We are going through LA on the 405 then jumping on the 1, same route for return. Thats the plan at least. It's our first time heading up for the event, and our first overnight trip on Motorcycles.

    We are camping on Fox Hill and leaving Monday morning. I know you are riding up Friday, but if you want to ride back to SD with us on Monday we could meet up there. We wont be racing home or anything though, and will probably be stopping not just for gas, but also for breaks every hour or so.
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    There is a guy on EBay who is selling reservations for a few of the various Motel 6 Motels in the area. He has them in Monterey & Salinas. Just search for Laguna Seca MotoGP.

    All of the money goes to charity. He is a guy with the District 37 AMA.

    His customer feedback is 100%.

    If you have questions, you can contact him by email through eBay.
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    I got a room from that guy on the eBay auction ( Motel 6 in Monterey). The transfer and stay went off without a hitch but the manager Maria Gonzales was a major BITCH (hey... that rhymes). Rude as hell and her employees were quite abrasive as well.

    Next year, I'll stay at Salinas and pay half price for the same room. The bonus... very close to Cannery Row... the let-down is dealing with Maria and her henchmen, so to speak.