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    In particular, the Umatilla Nat'l Forest, south of Pomeroy. Has anyone done any riding through there? We've got a couple of routes in mind, and some camping, but we haven't been able to find much info on road conditions and distances.

    We'll both be riding Wee Stroms with street tires, but we're both experienced dirt riders, and have done plenty of standard forest roads with the DL's without issue.

    Any campground favorites? Any 'not to miss' roads?

    It looks like there is a major connector between Pomeroy and Hwy 3. It also looks like we could come out at the bottom of Rattlesnake, right near Boggan's Oasis. But, I don't recall seeing any other roads in the area during my rides in that area.

    Also, we're thinking of heading north toward Anatone, then taking roads east to get to the Snake River Road. Any experiences there?

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    Check out the Walls Walls Area Riders thread.

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    I love the Rattlesnake! We had a blast! I didn't see any dirt roads that took off from it though.

    Here is a video of us running it last year... hope you have as much fun as we did!

    <iframe width="1280" height="720" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/S49qFEf-l1w?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Start in Pomeroy on Hwy 128 going south , that turns into the Mountian road and you can go to Anatone, Wa.
    Taking a right off the Mountain road at various spots you can drop into Troy, Oregon via Grouse flats or down Cougar creek to the Grande Ronde river between the Oasis and Troy.
    No roads you can use come out at the Oasis other than the Rattlesnake grade.
    Several roads cut off to the east from the Mountain road taking you into Clarkstn on the Peola Road, and into the Asotin creek basin and into Asotin on the Lick creek road, Smoothing Iron road into the South fork of Asotin creek, Cloverland Rd to Cloveralnd and Asotin, and just about at Anatone you can take a left and end up in George creek after the Meyers ridge road.
    Between Anatone and Fields spring state park you can take the Montgomery ridge road that will take out over to Couse creek and down to the Snake river. A right at the river will eventually get you to Jospeh creek and over to Joseph, Oregon. A left takes you to Asotin.

    Most of the roads I have talked about are ones that I do in the winter or early spring and they are interesting then. The Mountian road has snow until late June usually.
    The road n the Grande Ronde from the Oasis to Troy is now almost totally paved but a nice drive. Redmond grade -Florence is good or up the Grande ronde from Troy is excellent.

    I don't camp out there, I know my brother has rented the Wenatchee Guard station cabin a couple of times.
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    Heading north, over Rattlesnake, take Montgomery Ridge Road to the east, to reach the Snake River Road. It is just a couple miles from the top of Rattlesnake. You can continue on Montgomery or take a left on Weisenfels Road.. I did both of these last month. I liked Weisenfels Road the best.

    I noticed a high number of raptors in this area. Then I heard it was just mentioned on the Oregon Guide TV program, that this area has one of the largest number of raptors in the US.