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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Herbivore63, Dec 3, 2012.

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    I'm new to the dual sport and motorcycle world, although I have done a lot of trail riding on a mountain bike. I have an XT250 and am looking for some places to ride close to Victoria. I'd like to be able to get out over the winter when there's a nice weekend day and just start playing to get some off pavement experience in preparation for taking some overnight trips in the spring/summer next year. .

    I know there are places out past Sooke to ride but would prefer to stay relatively close to the city so I don't have to spend too much time on the road to get there. I also don't want to go anywhere too remote at this point as a new rider going solo. It doesn't have to be anything spectacular or extensive, just some dirt roads or easy trails near the city to play around on.

    Can anyone help me with some specific roads or areas? Is the area out behind Langford Lake accessible? Are there any places on the east side of Sooke that aren't gated? Any powerline roads or other trails in the Highlands that are open?

    Any help or suggestions appreciated!
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    depends on what "near" means, the closest is probably sooke, you might be able to convince the guys at Kenco to point you in the right direction or go out with you. there is the westshore MX track, i think they have a begginers night every friday which is a good place to meet people and to learn. dualsport BC is good but its slow on the southern island forums. i'd go out with you but i dont have a dirtbike and my Strom has a lot of limitations off road. shawnigan can be fun to and has gas stations close at hand. check out vibikers.com for more info on the begginers night.
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    You probably want to go there if only to buy tires, equipment etc....save some $$$$! Ken is one of the good guys and his kids are getting there in age, working in the shop AND like Ken,learning from the customers as much as showing them.:clap

    I live way too far now....:cry
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    Rather than dirt, for a pavement experience that is close to Victoria try going up Willis Point Road in Saanich. Then take Ross Durance to Munns Road and do a loop back to town.
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    For offroad, there is nothing "close" anymore, its all either watershed or CRD park reserve.

    If you want dirt, the closest is Oliphant lake area up on the Malahat. Go in behind Serious coffee.

    Then there is Shawnigan and Sooke. You'll just have to get used to trucking your bike for 40-60mins and then riding. Pain, but that is the way that it is.

    Here are a bunch of rides, maps and GPS tracks for lower vancouver island. http://cameronsoftware.com/blog/blog/category/adventure-ride/

    Besides DSBC there also is http://www.vibikers.com/site/ - pretty good group of riders (in the dirt forum)

    And also http://www.islandriders.ca/forum/ - but not much activity.

    If you want to hook up with other riders put up a post on DSBC or vibikers - we are going out *all the time*

    This weekend a few of us we'll probably be riding out of Duncan.