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    I though I'd begin my ADV career with a brief ride report. I wrote this up about a month ago:

    Today was a beautiful day here in the suburbs of Baltimore! High of 61 (16 for you metric types), blue skies with little wind. I woke up this morning, proceeded with my morning routine and hopped on the bike. The weather here has been a bit cruddy, so I needed to dial in the idle on my newly rebuilt Bing carbs. That means a decent ride to warm up the bike.

    Next was lunch. I met up with some friends and we took the back roads to a place called Daniels in Elkride, MD. I had a burger (sorry, no pics), but abstained from the usual beer as I knew I was going to be on the bike for a while and wouldn't have reliable access to the facilities. I escorted the friends back home and decided to head to north Baltimore.

    Being a former archaeologist, history is my thing. I like learning about history and seeing historical places. I feel fortunate to live in this area...lots of history, right at my fingertips. I was visiting my mother recently and while we were watching some History Channel show on the Lincoln conspirators, the subject of where John Wilkes Booth was buried arose. A quick search on Google proved that he is buried here in Baltimore! So, today's destination: Green Mount Cemetery.


    First stop: Booth's grave. However, his grave is wisely unmarked per Booth family request. So, I got to see the family plot.


    His father Junius was also a great actor. I found his middle name pretty ironic given what his son would later do.


    People leave Lincoln pennies on this unmarked gravestone in the Booth family plot. Legend has it this is where Lincoln's assassin is buried.


    There are also two other Lincoln conspirators buried here. The first I visited was Michael O'Loughlen. After his arrest he was imprisoned in Fort Jefferson (west of Key West) and died of Yellow Fever in 1867 while there and was pardoned posthumously.


    The second was Samuel Arnold who was involved in the original kidnapping plan. He was also eventually pardoned.


    The last Civil War grave I visited was Joseph E. Johnston. He was a Confederate general and next in the line of command after Robert E. Lee. He surrendered his troops to William T. Sherman in North Carolina. He contracted pneumonia after being a pallbearer at his enemy-turned-friend Sherman's funeral.


    There are also many famous people buried in this cemetery. One is Allen Dulles, the first civilian CIA director. I recently read Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and discovered-after I shot this picture-that he was the German underground's (the German guys plotting to assassinate Hitler) Allied contact in Switzerland and was the head of the U.S. Office of Strategic Services there from 1942 to the end of the war.


    Another is philanthropist Johns Hopkins. He was, as his gravestone says, the founder of Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Hospital. A little research afterward found the reason for the coins on his grave: it's to promote good luck when applying for funding.


    The cemetery is also known for its architecture. The chapel was designed by John Rudolph Niernsee and James Crawford Neilson and built in the 1850s.


    I thought one of the neatest building on site was the gate you had to go through to enter the cemetery. It was designed by Robert Cary Long, Jr. and built in the 1840s-old by U.S. standards!


    After all that, it was time to go; the cemetery is private property and closes at 4pm and the gatekeeper was waiting patiently for me. When in the cemetery, it's easy to forget you're in a bad part of town; I'm pretty sure two drug deals were going down in front of my bike when I snapped the last picture. I was going to head to a tavern over in Fells Point, but a quick look at traffic on my phone convinced me otherwise. Plus I had to hit the head-boy was I glad I didn't have that beer!
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    Nice to see you over here man! Love that /5 dude. Thought that might have been you whose post I saw elsewhere... On my "Noodlin' " thread?
    "See" you around.
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    Nice history tour. Used to live in the Inner Harbor Area. Mrs. RedRockRider (actually Dr. RedRockRider) did training at Johns Hopkins. Indeed, a bad part of town after dark. :deal Thanks for the post. :D
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    Thank You...Very interesting
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    This is exactly why I love this site. I get to "visit" and see so many places and cool things from around the world. Thanks for sharing this bit of history with us.

    I had a '75 R75/5 that looked exactly like yours but black. Awesome bikes. Often wished I had it back.
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    Loved your ride report, Beezer Josh. It inspired me to figure out exactly why Johns Hopkins sounds like a guy with two last names. Either that, or a kind of Brooklynese: "When are youse gonna open a friggin yoonivoisity, Johns?"

    Wikipedia answered my question: "His first name derives from a maternal great-grandmother, Margaret Johns, who passed it on to her sons."

    Thought you might get a kick out of my virgin ride report effort, with its own revolutionary-war-era graveyard: http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=823293

    Ride safe and see cool places.
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    Ya gotta think harder. It mighta been a '73, since that was the last year for the /5s.

    Mine's a black toaster tanker, too.:D
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    Excellent post Josh. Now I need to add yet another place to visit.
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    Nice to see another person with an Archaeology background!
    Now that you know where we are...:evil I'm looking forward to more...

    You might enjoy a ride report my buddy Lakota did "On the trail of an assassin" about JWB.
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    Very nice ride report. We have interesting things to see on the east coast. Mostly dead people, but interesting none-the-less<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>
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    nicely written - looking forward to more

    and thanks for the plug Jax
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    cool pics, and great link.