Riding to the GNCC races at Snowshoe

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    Is mild in comparison the the famed blackwater 100, IMHO anyway. I have ridden the Blackwater 100 course Many times during its days as a race (friends had cabin in thomas) And everything from the route 93 river crossing to the moon rocks, to bogs that sink bikes to the handlebars was created to physically destroy you. One lap was hell, let alone 3 or 4.. Line choice was absolutely critical, especially in the bogs.. 6 inches one way or the other meant the difference between spending 2 minutes pushing your bike through or 90 minutes digging it out with 5 or 6 spectators.

    Been to snowshoe once and it also has its places. Snowshoe is more forgiving, better flowing, and in MHO a better race, as most folks have a chance of finishing at least one lap! Its beautiful country up there, everywhere!
    You cant go wrong picking any of the roads to explore..

    Hope you have good luck with the weather!