Riding trip to Costa Rica planned? We can help!

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by Driftin, May 26, 2014.

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    Since I have noticed a huge increase in the number of Advriders in these parts lately it's time to throw our hat in the ring and offer up.

    I co-own two Coldwell Banker real estate offices in Quepos and Manuel Antiono where a large part of our business is renting and managing vacation rental homes throughout the central Pacific area. Needless to say, all are in areas with stunning scenery, great activities and amazing riding. Many of these homes are perfect for rider groups passing through or spending time in the area. They offer upscale accommodations, security, bike friendly perfect locations for using as a home base while exploring the area and competitive pricing compared to hotels. They make great locations from which to send the family on an adventure for a day or two while you get your riding Jones on.

    Since our client base is predominantly North American we specialize in handling all manner of client needs and requests for travel planning. We have dedicated staff to assist with trip planning that can handle any arrangement, including a variety of bike rental options, from the time you get off the plane until you board your flight out. Should you be traveling and in need of service or parts for your bike we can arrange for you to get both needs taken care of here while you are staying with us, perhaps while you are marlin fishing? My business partner and I are active riders and have been known to saddle up with clients and blow off the office for a day or two to play tour guide.

    So, take a look at our website and let us know if we can assist. If you don't see what you need then drop us a line here or on the website. Chances are we can find it.

    Oh, by the way, we also sell real estate in paradise........

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    Bump...just because I am planning a trip there with my new gal sometime in April or May 2015. Advise me please. We don't know yet which coast we will base our trip.

    Planning on two weeks and hiking/camping where we might find tortises, hot springs, waterfalls.

    We don't know yet if we'll rent a bike or a car or just wing it trying to wear backpacks and use buses or taxis.

    Fill my head with ideas!

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    If there are riders who are there without bikes, maybe with families, and really want to get out ride, how can we help each other? Costa Rica Unlimited, www.costaricaunlimited.com, is more 'tour' based but possibly if a group wants to ride for a few days, we can take them on a tour on our WR250/450F. If you think this can be a benefit to you as well email me us at info@costaricaunlimited.com Maybe a benefit to us, you, and the poor rider down there w/o a bike in such an amazing riding area?
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    I would like to recommend Tamarindo to Mal Pais in Costa Rica. You can pick up supplies in Tamarindo then take your time on the backroads hugging the coast in some sections going south to Mal Pais. Along the way, you will see a large pig, howlers, turtles, and some of the best beaches in Costa Rica. If your going to drive then rent a 4x4. The freedom you will have with a vehicle or motorcycle versus the bus system will be well worth it on this stretch.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Here are some pictures of my travels in Costa Rica (click here).