Riding with the Hells Angels in '65

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    Photographer Billy Ray (not the country singer) from LIFE magazine, spent a few weeks with the Hells Angels in 1965. I've put together two dozen of them which cover a run from San Bernardino to Bakersfield. I also included some great quotes from Billy Ray about the time he spent with the Angels. It's interesting to compare what what going one with the Hells Angels in California with what was going on with the Outlaws back east during the same time.


    Riding with the Hells Angels
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    I really like your contributions. Personally I like H.S. Thompsons book on the Angels. These pics are cool though.
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    Great to see some old pix. The HA were pretty high up on the public's awareness back then, between Easy Rider, and the Hell's Angels films.... As a kid, we traveled cross country often, cuz my dad was military. It was common to see large groups of bikers out on the road.

    I've read up on some of this stuff, old books on the Outlaws, etc.
    I also read HST's book on the HA, which I thought was ...
    curious. Sonny Barger, in his autobiography, didn't have any kind words for Hunter Thompson. Here in the Mid Atlantice region, it's Pagan's (apostrophe included in their logo) territory, and we also have all their sponsored patch clubs. They're pretty low profile these days, but it's not unusual to see them around.

    Anyway, thanks for posting.