RIP Kemal Merkit

Discussion in 'Racing' started by Brodovitch, Sep 7, 2012.

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    I'm saying they were both having fun, you only get to die once. Having fun is the way to go! Sorry for the family and friends. The two are blessed and the lucky ones. Short and SWEET! Be happy for them. Cheer up and have some more fun.
  2. mxmum

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    Sep 20, 2011
    That is such a lovely tribute and puts in to words what the rest of us are feeling, so, so sad.:cry My thoughts go out to both familes in this sad time.
  3. Stagehand

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    Oct 6, 2004
    That really choked me up, Doyle. It does seem unfathomable...

    Wheels to the sky, brother.
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    Jun 28, 2010
    Funeral will be tommorow at Levent Mosque / Istanbul on afternoon prayer around 16:30. Religious ceremony is just a tradition, so all friends are welcome without any hesitation.

    A video after accident...
  5. BRO63

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    Sep 23, 2009
    R.I.P Wouter Vaarkamp !
  6. Flood

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    Oct 18, 2005
    Only today I read that Kemal seems to have graduated high school in Austria; I miss meeting him even more now. Here's a (bad) photo I took of him going by at the Central Europe Rally in '08.


    According to the video, Tina Meier was at the scene of the accident as well.
  7. A_KLR97

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    RIP Kemal Merkit and RIP Wouter Vaarkamp.

  8. Brodovitch

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    Nov 15, 2010
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    Friend and fellow Serres competitor Andreas Glavas is at the TransAnatolia on reporting duties for a Greek motorcycle magazine, from his email this evening:

    I am in shock. I saw the internet & forum posts but I still don't know what to write. It has been 4 days now that I met Kemal, he never stopped smiling once, I gave him a hoodie from the Serres race and he hasn't taken it off since. He is constantly laughing and joking, saying how much he enjoyed last year, he would get up from his Turkish pals and come ask me to join them all the time. This morning at 6 we all got up, there was Kemal again, laughing and joking...

    What is there to say? We went to catch them at a fast dusty section in the Special, he was pushing today for a result and to lessen the difference from the first 3 days, and while everything seemed normal we were suddenly announced the terrible news. It's as they report it, he had stopped with the Italian when the Dutch kid slammed into them with no time for braking. This was a section where bikes were going at least at around 120km/h. The first riders were on the scene shortly before the ambulance, but there was nothing that could be done
  9. Robb Mc

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    May 6, 2004
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    Terrible news. Kemal was one of the good guys.

    First met him in 2006 Dakar, we helped him out with some parts..which I think every team who has run a KTM in the last 10 years has probably done.. Kemal was always wandering around the bivvy, big smile on his face, looking for this or that the other thing.. I think he even won the 450 unassisted class a few years back with one of our spare 525 motors in his bike (shhhhh).

    Godspeed my friend.
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    Sad day in the rallye world.

    R.I.P & Godspeed to Kemal Merkit and Wouter Vaarkamp.

    Condolences to all their family and friends.
  11. neduro

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    I'm heartbroken to hear of this. Kemal, to me, represents the Dakar even more than the front runners. Determination, perseverance, and courage.

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    I saw this news first thing this morning and couldnt believe my eyes. I never had the pleasure to meet Kemal, but since my first introduction to rallying through Patsy Quick, he has always been talked about by her, as a true gent and the spirit of rallying.

    Wouter was a really nice guy, who i had the pleasure to race against this year at Tuareg, many days we were neck and neck, and had some good banter on the start lines. Such a waste of a young talent.

    RIP guys.
  13. ian408

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    Very sad news.

    RIP to both riders and condolences to their families and friends.
  14. Drif10

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    Well said. He was exactly what I thought Dakar was about.

    Vaya con Dios, Sir.
  15. lastplace

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    Kemal was always in an infectious good mood. Even in the thick of rally challenges, he brought a positive boost to everyone he met. Working unassisted on his bike, mooching parts, picking over broken bikes; he still had time to smile and say hello. It was obvious that Kemal loved rallying and was having fun. Most riders, like him, made big sacrifices to participate. Few of them enjoyed it as much as him.

    Touring in Turkey in 2002, I needed a crank rebuild for my KTM 620 Adventure. The KTM shop in Istanbul looked questionable, but they had a poster of Kemal on a similar bike at the finish of his first Dakar. They had helped him, so I trusted them with the work. (The bike made it home and the crank lasted quite a few miles before it broke in Baja.) I took one of those posters and kept it in my garage. Kemal looked down from the poster as we prepped for many Dakars as if to tell us, "If I can do it, so can you." He was probably my biggest inspiration for keeping at it, especially the first few times.

    We'll miss him.

  16. neduro

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    Jul 8, 2003
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    I pulled into the finish of Stage 2 this year, and who was standing there but Kemal. I couldn't wait to shake his hand- he has always been an inspiration to me. I rushed over to say hello.

    Little did I expect that he would know who I was, from my posts here. We shook hands, laughed about the stage, and I was relieved to hear him say that he found the stage difficult. We rode the liaison into the bivouac together, and from that moment forward, he always had a smile for me whenever we crossed paths. That's not saying much, though, he had a smile for everyone!

    For me, Dakar is at least as much about toughness as speed. Every competitor is tough, but the marathon riders are toughest of all, and Kemal was toughest of them, the best I could tell. We shared some stories on the night of the marathon stage, I believe Robb's stories above are the least of his willingness to do what it takes to finish the race. But his efforts, even when they were extra-legal, were never outside the intent of the race, never in violation of the spirit. Always, he was looking forward to the next day.

    I'm heartbroken for the young man who died as well...

    When I step back, the question "why" has to be at the top of the list. I firmly believe that races like these are how people transcend trudging thru life and find meaning, not only for those who are out there but also for those of us at home, dreaming of the pink lake.

    A great life isn't counted in minutes any more than great music is. It earns value from the risks taken and dreams realized. Kemal was a great because the notes he found in life struck a chord in himself, and in so many of us. The page he wrote on carries risks, to remove them would silence the music before it was ever sung.

    Thanks for the tunes, Kemal, and I'll miss you.
  17. crankshaft

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    Very Well put Ned, very well put. I was always more interested in where Kemal was during the Dakar, because like many have already said, He was the true spirit of the race. Not many people understand why people take these risks and it's their loss. Still very sad, was looking forward to seeing more of his exploits.
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    I spotted the news of this on Facebook earlier today. And saw this thread this evening.

    Been reading through everyone's comments and thoughts and don't really know what to add.

    Like many of us I never met Kemal or even spoke to him. But I felt that I knew him through this forum. He epitomised the true spirit of the Dakar for me - a privateer rider competing without assistance in the toughest race in the world yet always managing to smile and have time to help others.

    RIP Kemal and Wouter. Thoughts and condolences go out to your families and friends :cry:cry:cry
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    Rest in peace. İ am so sad, such a big loss!

    Allah rahmet eylesin
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    I'm deeply saddened to hear loss of Merkit and Wouter.... Rest in Peace & God bless your souls.... Still my mind doesn't want to accept it.....