Road My First Vespa(Scooter)

Discussion in 'Battle Scooters' started by craiger527, Aug 25, 2011.

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    Jul 31, 2007
    I was over in Daytona a few years back during Biketoberfest having some Motolights installed on my Harley. I was talking to the guy doing the install and asked him what kind of bike he rode. He told me he had bought one of the new at the time Concours 14s. Then he told me he rarely rode it as he preferred his Suzuki Burgman. I was pretty surprised, but he said for the riding he mainly did the Burgman was easier and more fun. I know it is about as maxi a scooter as you can get, but he sure enjoyed it.

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    Jun 7, 2007
    My take on it is that no scooter is "manly" and that's the point. Check the ego at the door and get to experience what motorcycling should be Cheap, stupid, kid-like fun.

    I just bought my second scooter. The first one I bought was a Zuma 50cc "for my wife". She learned to ride on it, but I've put most of the miles on it. I look like a linebacker riding a tricycle on it. Stupid. I love it though and simply do not care.

    Tonight I bought a Kymco 125 agility. It's about the same size and a little quicker. This one is straight up for me, I'm not even using my wife as a cover excuse. Yes, I like scooters. I like having fun on two wheels. Scooters are very fun.

    Get the scooter. :clap
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    May 10, 2007
    Across the pond.

    That post sums it all up in a nutshell. :clap

    I`ve been riding motorcycles for 30 years now and recently bought my first ever 'scooter' in the form of my 650 Burgman Executive.
    It`s so much fun that it`s pretty much the only 2 wheeler that I`m always gagging to ride out of the bunch that I own.

    Phuck the phonies,the part timers and the weekend warriors (sunny only) with their 'unmanly/gay' comments because they`re just insecure poseurs.
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    My name is Mike, I ride a scooter because I want to! :D
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    I've never ridden a classic style Vespa but I've spent some time on my '09 MP3-500 and agree that scoots are a lot of fun. To date I haven't been on any really long rides on it, mostly 100 miles or less but always enjoyable. The MP3 series tend to garner a lot of comments due to their odd 3-wheel configuration and sometimes that can be a bit much. Still the folks who are interested are just being honest and I think are deserving of a couple of minutes answering questions.

    BTW, for those dumb-ass people who comment on my scooter versus their particular ride I always reply casually "Yeah you're right, it sure as hell isn't as fast as my Ducati." I've yet to receive further remarks, they generally find it's time for them to move on making as much racket as possible. To date I've never had anyone question my sexuality because of what I ride so I'm surprised to hear about that. With nearly 60 years of riding all sorts of beasties I thought I'd heard it all but that truly takes the cake. Tell 'em to stuff it I'd say.

    Having said that there's a nice Aprilia scooter in my area that's come on line for what seems a reasonable price and I may just have to have it. That's probably inviting disaster as I may like it better than the MP3...

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    The starter post on this thread is old, so my response may be late, but I'll chime in anyway for future readers considering a scooter.

    I have a Vespa 250 GTS that I ride around town. It hasn't had any affect on my sexual orientation. I wasn't 'gay' before, and I don't think I've switched sides after riding it. (I was very 'happy' though, but I'm certain that is not the intended usage of the term in this case.)

    Now granted, this particular Vespa may have been a placebo, so I can't be certain what it would do to other riders.

    Additionally, a true hipster rarely worries about what others think. Only posers worry about those sort of things. One is either cool, or they're not. Usually the posers fall into the latter category.

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    i rock my gts300 like a bastard. under 60, i'll hang with ANY sportbike in the twisties. in fact, i swear i ride that little beastie better and harder than i do my z :cry
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    when I buy my vespa or Piaggio i will make a decal saying I am a lesbian, Mr. Damasovi!

    yeah I too got the looks of your gay..or less than that. and all I could say was 80 mpg.. and you? (when I gave enough time to erase the smile of my face and reply).

    It is all about making YOU happy, them? I don't care about them.

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    So it looks like the original poster of the thread bought a BV 350 1 year ago. I hope he comes back to the thread and lets us know how hes doing with it..
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    Jan 12, 2014
    Just ran across this thread. At the tech school where I teach there are 4 Harley owners and one Honda cruiser owner. I am the only daily rider on my GT200 and any doubts about my manhood were erased when I rode in 15 degree weather (we don't get a lot of cold weather). All of the students get a kick out of the scoot and are constantly asking to ride it. I am long past the age where I am worrying about image. I'll leave that to my teenage students.
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    I've had a 150cc scoot for around a month now.
    I deliberately don't mention the fact that I have a larger bike when people comment on it but I have noticed that friends and acquaintances who know me feel the need to tell others "He has a big bike as well"
    It's funny that they're embarrassed for me:rofl
    It doesn't seem to matter if they ride or not.
    Who cares? I'm having a ball.