Road rage shooting in Deleware Ohio-BMW GS will be for auction soon!

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    Corollary: If you get pissed off while riding, the target of your anger should be yourself.
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    Some people deserve to be eating institutionalized food and DE should have at least one more moron at the idiots with deadly weapons table.

    Maybe it's just me but PU driver sounds like he is using code for he brake checked the guy probably more than a couple of times. Sounds the same when he says he wasn't backing up on the ramp when the first shots were fired and others must have seen it from behind him. The rider would have to have some skills to be taking a ramp at speed with both hands fumbling to grab a pistol unless of course he is at a complete stop on a exit ramp. The question would then be why would anybody be at a complete stop on an exit ramp unless the PU stopped in traffic or just stopped for another reason like a brake check.

    The MC rider follows the PU off the interstate and willingly rides into the parking lot. Who would expect that not to end well. Apparently the PU driver was stopping to buy some milk and cookies which seems more than a little odd since he already had a dose or three of the business end of a pistol fired in his general direction. The last thing I would think about doing is pulling over to let the rider know that his feelings shouldn't be hurt. Those weren't brake checks and all the hand gestures were intended to be never mind and excuse me not FU and being flipped off.

    One dope is jailed as he should be and no excuse for the rider. I don't see why the PU driver gets a pass; two tons of steel is just as deadly if used with the intention to inflict harm.
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    I was wondering about the "OSU Football Star" reference myself? Dude is 60 years old? So four decades ago he played college football. What possible correlation does this have to shooting someone in the head? :huh

    So, four decades ago I was shitting in diapers and loving every minute of it. So if I randomly smack somebody in the mouth they can print headline of "Former Pampers Bombadier Smacks Prius Driver?"

    Good Lawd the Media sucks!
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    The follow up story tells it a little different!
    Sounds like the guy got pistol whipped not shot! Still the press is infatuated with this angry old fucking looser who tried to kill someone for a minor traffic incident. If he had not followed him then he would not have put the truck in reverse on the off ramp.
    IDK what is wrong with these asshole's:norton The guy sounds like one of those glory day assholes that has had his ass kissed for decades for some worthless shit he did on a football field! And as soon as someone bothers him in the slightest way he thinks its okay to try and kill them cause he played football. The worst part is he will get the charge reduced to a misdemeanor because the DA or the Judge or both were OSU grads who will cut him a break! :freakyThe only reason he even got charged was, because you know none of the cops played football or went to college!:D
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    I think it's just you. I don't know if you have more info sources than what I've seen, but the PU driver has said repeatedly that his PU transmission was malfunctioning. He has stated that his truck was jerking and that witnesses would bear out that he wasn't braking of reversing. No one has yet refuted that. I am not sure if or what the PU truck driver may have done to provoke the moto rider, but it is not any call for some nut job to pull his sidearm and start shooting. It seems likely that the moto rider was in pursuit, not defense and thus it is likely that he is at least guilty of assault with deadly force, if not attempted murder.

    If the PU driver was intentionally provocative, he might well be charged with wreckless endangerment or worse. I am sure that the DA would be happy to charge both, if can find sufficient evidence.
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    Clearly a case of football related head injury causing early dementia.
    If we would ban this barbaric practice, this kinda thing wouldn't happen.
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    some reports that Police has impounded his PU... they will find out if transmission was actually giving problems. my guess is with PU's driver's felony history. He's at least partially to blame as motorcycle rider.
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    So we have to have reasons to exercise Rights? I'm not sure I understand. :dunno

    Your assessment of the BMW rider is most likely spot-on.

    I'm betting the cops find nothing wrong with the pickup.

    This is a sad case of Beavis meeting Butthead.
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    Translated: We can't believe the football hero got arrested. At trial, we'll remind EVERYONE that he's a football hero. Therefore, there can't be a victim. No victim, no crime.
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    I don't get pissed at people just being inattentive or mildly stupid. Some jerk pulls over without looking, fucks with the stereo and swerves, drops a burrito in their lap; shit I've done that. No harm, no foul. But I strongly suspect the PU driver was using his car as a weapon. I'd have followed him and beat the shit out of him too. And yes, I've done that before. I've also gone to the police and been told they can't do anything because they didn't witness it; which is why I don't bother with them anymore. Just a guess, but maybe the GS owner has had similar experiences. :deal
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    Just a reminder of a famous quote: "Revenge is a dish best served cold" :evil
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    which one is TrayVonn?