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    Mar 14, 2013
    Western Cape, South Africa
    Hi Guys

    Firstly let me introduce you to our company Rockfox, we are an Adventure Motorcycle Company by Adventure Motorcyclists.

    Our aim is to bring adventure motorcycling to anyone at a very affordable price. We pride ourselves in understanding what our customers want as that is just what we want from our products.

    We design and manufacture bespoke parts for motorcycles. At this moment we specialize in BMW , though we do intend to branch of very quickly.

    The company is base in Cape Town in South-Africa. We are more than welcome to export our products to any country and we are actively looking for dealers who would like to stock our products.

    The following is just two of our most recent products and already they are going almost faster than we can make them.

    These bars fit onto the Adventure using all existing bolts and holes. Takes about 15 minutes to fit and will protect the head substantially. There is enough space between the bars and the head to allow for the aluminium covers to be removed in the case of service or a drowned bike.
    If bought for the standard 1200GS a crossbar is supplied. These bars come electroplated

    These crashbars FIT BOTH MODELS the older version or the brand new 2013 facelift model.The attach down below the engine as well as in the two main engine mounts. Then for added strength a bar on each side also runs towards to front of the engine block significantly increasing strength. These bars come either powdercoated black or Electroplated

    Please visit our website for more of our products.
    Please like our facebook page to keep up to date with our current product developments.