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rolling out west with the camper and bikes in tow

Discussion in 'Americas' started by MooseBuilt, Aug 6, 2011.


Where TU?

  1. Moab again.... Wife not inthused

  2. Yellowstone

  3. High Desert somewhere... long straight trails

  4. Ouray

  5. Canada EEHHH!

  6. Washing state... who knows where

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  1. MooseBuilt

    MooseBuilt MoooooooooOOSE!

    Nov 21, 2009
    Peoples Republic Of Maryland
    Hi all,
    the wif and I are roooolling out west for a few weeks of vacation and were wondering where to go. She is an absolute novice rider and i've been riding for 30 years. She has a cute little DRZ200 dual sport and i have a katoom 950SE, so, i'm looking for some long dirt roads, like canyonlands and north of Moab. I think she should be able to navigate the dirt roads in like, second gear without crashing much and I want this trip to be awesome for her. know i'll have to do a couple of low alititude runs to get it out of my system, but i really NEED to reeelax. Stressful job with a hard winter's worth of stress ahead means i need to get it out now....
    Last years trip lasted 6 weeks and covered 12,000 miles, this year i'd like to roll west and spend more time having fun and less time sightseeing. we visited
    1. glacier nat park
      minuteman missle site
      grand tetons
      colorado springs(awesome i want to live there...)
      florida (relatives,,, plugged up to thier house to get back some of the money they owe me....)
      Cray horse monument
      and one of my unexpected favorites Mount rushmore
      Ouray Colorado, the people there are awesome
      durango CO
      Black canyons... cool, wish i could have stayed longer...
      Painted Desert
      Grand Canyon
      Pocatello Idaho cause i use to live there,,, still sucks, pricks were setting off fireworks and doing donuts in the middle of the campers at walmart,,, yeah i know i asked for it parking there, but still... trying to sleep a little


    If there's anone with suggestions, or had time to show us some trails please lets hook up. If you have a wife that rides, it would really help my wife cause i totally don't know how to teach someone other than just doing it......

  2. jbcaddy

    jbcaddy Long timer

    Jan 12, 2010
    Oroville & Placerville, California U.S.of A.
    Mesa Verde is a must visit IMO. I love the whole southern Colorado- northern New Mexico area.
    Calif coast and the Oregon coast. Crater Lake. Yosemite, the water falls are great this year!
  3. Mista Vern

    Mista Vern Knows all - tells some.

    Dec 1, 2005
    McMinnville, Oregon
    If you are considering Washington state check out the Columbia Gorge area. Nice town, nice weather, world-class scenery and riding, especially in eastern Oregon, south of the Columbia Gorge.

    Lovely wife!
  4. machinebuilder

    machinebuilder Long timer

    Jun 6, 2008
    East Tennessee
    check out the northwest corner of Colorado. (there is a great ride report by Dockingpilot "forever west..." and there was one by Geek "dinosaur....")

    I went there july 4th and it was the pinnicle of a 3 week trip through CO Springs, Durango, Dinasaur.

    I want to go back there sometime, Yampa Bench road is an awesome dirt road (until it rains), but it would be a long day ride. Camping at Echo park was pretty good, forget about getting your camper there, the switchbacks are a no go.
    I haven't done a ride report or finished going through pictures yet.

    Durango is really nice, I think I would base out of silverton next time.
    the Salida, Co area is another really nice place.

    I don't think you can go wrong in the Rockys. my problem is its a long way there and limited vacation time.
  5. MooseBuilt

    MooseBuilt MoooooooooOOSE!

    Nov 21, 2009
    Peoples Republic Of Maryland
    I work outside back east here and i've been cooking my nuts off welding in the 100 degree days with 90% HUMIDITY can anyone tell me what the temps are in mid to late september in ouray vs. moab?

    looked at columbia gorge, it looks awesome....
  6. hugemoth

    hugemoth Long timer

    Sep 6, 2007
    In the TARDIS
    Moab is usually too hot for me in September, I prefer it in October, and I'll be there with my daughter, camper, and trail bikes. We're going to start on the Oregon coast the 2nd week of Sept, then move up the Columbia Gorge, Hells Canyon, Leslie Gulch, Bodie area and eastern Sierras, Alabama Hills (not in Alabama), White Mtns, Death Valley, into Utah to Moab area in October. The idea is to follow the best possible riding weather.
  7. MooseBuilt

    MooseBuilt MoooooooooOOSE!

    Nov 21, 2009
    Peoples Republic Of Maryland
    Anyone going to be there in september...? i need a riding partner/ guide, i'll get lost and die... it's fact. I've only been there in the truck with camper in tow, so riding it will be a first for us....:D
  8. eakins

    eakins Butler Maps

    May 29, 2002
    Fort Collins, Colorado
    i voted for ouray.

    both of you will like this place for a night time excusion.
    10 min. from ouray and much better than the pool in ouray.

    sept. weather is great in both place...ideal in ouray, still a little hot in moab.
    moab is best in oct. but too cold in ouray and snow.