Rollins pass to Mammoth Gulch to St Marys

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    Well, another ride where the big bikes probably shouldn't go. But hey, they are adventure bikes after all! Rollins pass on Friday the 13th was awesome. Great weather. On the way down from Rollins and probably going to be late for the wives planned events of the afternoon, we saw a road. "Hey, where does that go?" says my partner. "I dunno, it's got to come out somewhere." I say. So we go, and go, and go. Soon we're at 12000 ft and diggin in with loose dirt and rock. We end up on FR-353 over Kingston Peak. It get's a bit technical on the top, but there were two climbs heading South that took a few minutes and some pushing and shoving. Bikes went down about twice a piece. Awesome views, and the ride was a blast. Just a couple more hours and we were haulin down I-70 from Fall River Road. Haulin, because we were on a 1200 GS and a Tiger 955i. Kick ass! (TKC-80's on both).
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    Feb 15, 2004
    :lurk Need some pic if ya got some. I like to take my big pig places it shouldnÂ’t go. The look you get :eek1 is "priceless". :evil
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    Danno, growing up near there, my buddies and I rode that area between Rollins Pass and Saint Marys glacier for years. We usually started where Magnolia road crosses Peak to Peak and went off road for about 15 miles to Rollins Pass. I used to keep my XRs jetted for 10,000 feet for riding that area.

    My hats off to you for taking big bikes up there. There are definitely some big loose rock gardens up there.

    I would love to see some photos.