Romania at the end of May 2013

Discussion in 'EMEA' started by Lo.miki, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Lo.miki

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    Apr 7, 2013
    Dear fellows,
    We plan to visit Romania starting from 20.5.2013 and I have some questions for the riders that been there or actually live there:
    1. Can somebody suggest if there's a website that I can check if the roads are open?
    2. I worry about personal safety in this country. Is it safe there?
    3. I speak Russian quite good. Will I be able to communicate with the locals as I understood that most of them don't speak English?

  2. cip2006is

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    Dec 6, 2010
    The best thing to do is to post your inquiry on the romanian motorcycle forum in the english language section
    About safety I think is the same as everywhere in Europe, stay away from the big capital city Bucharest. The small towns are the safest.
    All the young people speak english, russian maybe on the eastern part of the country. Also if you speak spanish or italian or french, it helps. You will find people in western area that speak german or hungarian.
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    Oct 15, 2011
    Malmo, Sweden
    A friend and I will be in Romania end of May too :-) see our thread here.

    Romania is an awesome country. It is very beautiful, with nice smooth scenic roads (for the most part) if you want sealed roads and also lots of fantastic mountain and forest roads, if you're looking for gravel.

    As the other rider is saying, I'd stay away from Bucharest, but for me that is mostly because I try to avoid large cities with all its chaotic traffic. I haven't been there, but if you want to go there, I'm sure it has a good share of great sights to see.

    Also as said, Romania is safe, you do not need to worry, but depending on what you're used to, you need to be cautious about the occasional horse carriage even on larger roads. But riding a motorbike, you are already cautious.

    I can't say if russian is widely spoken, but I would expect not. Romanian has, as far as I know, more in common with Italian than with slavic languages. But English is widely spoken, so you won't have any problems.

    The only road that I could think would not be open end May would be Transfagarasan. I believe it officially opens June 1st, but it depends on the amount of snow at the summit. We were there on June 8th (if I recall), and it would have been open if it wasn't for some rock slide blocking the road. There was plenty of snow, but the road to the top had been cleared. But the tunnel at the summit was closed. It was a nice ride to the top and back nonetheless.

    Transalpina is really open all year, I think, but it might not be rideable due to snow. I'm hoping it is open end May because we're planning on riding it. If not, no big deal, we'll just turn around. There will be plenty of scenic roads at lower altitudes that is rideable.

    We had a great time in Sighisoara, we skipped Brasov as we were told it was a tourist trap. We rode along the Carpathians.

    This year we're riding from into Romania from Serbia and east, crossing the tip of Moldova into Ukraine, eventually hitting Crimea.

    If our paths cross, let's meet and have a beer. What kind of roads are you looking for? Paved or unpaved?

  4. excTC

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    Nov 28, 2009
    I have ridden in the north of Romania and didn't find any problems. It has great scenery and great off road riding. I am planning a trip after mid may which at this stage is through romania and south.
  5. Lo.miki

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    Apr 7, 2013
    Thank you all for your replays.
    Does any body know if the road to belea lac is open?
    I plan to arrive there around 21.5.
    Is there any website to check if the road is open?
  6. and82

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    Jun 13, 2011

    does anybody know if Transfagarasan road is open yet? I am planing to drive it in the beginning of next weak.

    Tnx, A.
  7. shooty13cris

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    Oct 30, 2012
    Hello friends !
    Transfagarasan and Transalpina are both open at this time !

    Transalpina is open all year but it's risky to cross over winter because u can find a lot of snow in the higher points. The authorities don't clean the snow on that road !

    Transfagarasan is officially closed every year in period 1 november-30 june , for about 30 km between Piscu Negru(Arges county) and Balea waterfall (Sibiu county). If the snow melts earlier, it gets open.
    With bikes you can cross it earlyer than cars ! On your risk !

    Greetings from Romania !