Rotopax Fuel Pack. AdvRider discount...

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by pfb, Feb 3, 2009.

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    Edited to update the contact has been made by the company to aid me in the exchange....
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    FYI: On Revzilla internet site I just paid $74.95 for Rotopax with bracket. No shipping fee. No coupon. Best price I found without going to an inordinate amount of search and trouble.
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    Lot of people say the 1.75 Gallon is better than the 2 Gallon one, why?

    I got the 1.75 Gallon and yes I can fit in 2 Gallon but this one is actually wider than the 2 Gallon one, I believe less width is important plus the 2 Gallon one would be a true 2 Gallon.
    I`m looking into buying either another 1.75 Gallon or the 2 Gallon one, why should I go with the 1.75 Gallon version?
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    Dec 15, 2006
    It is them. It's an odd enterprise, seemingly home-based ... their computers are often "down" and they're in Logan, Utah, but their "IT guy" lives in Bountiful, UT, quite some distance away. I called today, and they said their email wasn't working. Honestly ...

    The real reason for this, however, is more important:

    I'm am now faced with a second leaking 3-gallon can in a row. First leaked at a seam in the spout molding; second one is leaking badly at a flaw in the molding in the well where the mount goes (it's never been mounted). They replaced the first with another 3G; I'm hoping they will replace this second leaker with two 1.75G cans, as I have one that has never leaked.

    Here's what I'm talkin' about ...



    RotopaX has a problem with the quality of the molding on at least the 3-gallon can. Not just the leaking, but also the difficulty in screwing on the pour spout; stiff as can be, seemingly cross-threaded. So stay away from that one, if you need that much fuel storage in, say, your tow rig or SUV.

    Odd thing: They've not asked to see the defective cans so they can determine what the problem is. They require that a hole be drilled into the bottom, and a photo of that sent to them. Then they just send another. I don't see how that leads to a solution.