Route from Gallatin, TN to Deal's Gap

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    My parents just bought a house in Gallatin and my son and I are heading down to help with some repairs. I'll be bringing a truck/trailer full of tools so I figure I'll throw a bike in too and take my son for a ride Friday or Saturday. Not much of a fan of the Gap in the past decade or so, but my son's never been there and I figure everyone should ride it once. Any suggestions for a twisty paved route from the northeast side of Nashville? An alternative is to trailer to Tellico and take him for a loop across the Cherohala then up to the gap and maybe drop down towards Suches, but if there's a nice route from my parents' house I'd rather make it a 2-wheel only day.
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    Deals Gap area is fun to ride in, but if you are wanting to find twisty roads, you really don't have to go very far from Gallatin to find them....certainly much much closer than going to Deals Gap area, and really very close as far as quality of ridng and much much better as far as traffic. Just head east toward the lakes and state parks and almost all the roads are really good.

    To get to Tekico Plains and the Cherahola, I would suggest using 70 to 68.
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    70 to 68 will work. A tad south through the fall creek falls area is nice too. Check out 85 towards livingston and 141 and 96 to centerhill for something closer.