RTW travelers looking for Floridas best rides

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    Hi guys,

    we're Kati and Jens and left Germany more than two years ago to go on our "once-in-a-lifetime-trip". Ok - it's not gonna be the last one :D

    We've already been to Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Brazil, Alaska, Canada, Western-US, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and on the way to Panama.

    In a couple of weeks we're coming back to the States - flying the bikes from Panama to Miami. As it is cheaper to get the bikes back to Europe from the States or Canada, we want to ride from Florida to Toronto.

    We're looking for Floridas best rides on our way north. Which are the roads that shouldn't be missed? Where are great spots for camping - without having a 35ft RV next to you?

    You can find more informations about the trip, tons of pictures and videos on our website (embedded translation available) http://www.boomer.de

    Looking forward to your insider-tipps and infos :clap
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