Rukka Merlin Pants Review

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by jwen, Nov 25, 2012.

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    Sep 20, 2012
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    After much research and help from board members I purchased these pants from Rev Zilla and received them Nov 16th.

    I now have over 1,000 miles on the bike riding in them and all I can say is the decision was a great one for me!!!!!!! I have only had the chance to ride in a high of 63* but yesterday started in 25* weather and put on 160 miles. I have purposely found a rain storm, although not a frog choker but a nice rain for 40 miles and no problem!!!!

    I can only wait now for the summer and see how they do in the heat. My guess is I will be very comfortable to the 80* degree range. I will be keeping my Rukka Air Vision pants unless these work in the heat at witch time they probably would show up for sale.

    Although at 25* for the first 65 miles yesterday I was fine. I did order from Rev Zilla a pair of the Rev'It Glacier Pants to wear under them when it gets colder. Another great deal with the 15% sale on Thursday!!!

    I just wanted to say something you all know and that is about the service at Rev Zilla!!! I am not sure a company can do a better job!!!!!!!!! Prompt response with questions, videos of most of their products, Rev Zilla Bucks, shipped with an Email tracking system what else is there??

    Thanks Rev Zilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm interested in this setup. Please keep us posted. Thanks!