S.E or Adventure?

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    Feb 10, 2010
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    So here's the deal, I'm seriously considering getting a new to me 990 adventure, My wife likes the to go with me sometimes and I really enjoy her being along. So the adventure seems very cabable and really pretty easy to ride. We've test ridden a couple from the local shop. My question is, what are your opinions about a pillion on an SE. Could I get a seat built for those two up occasions and make it comfortable for her and me at the same time. The SE aught to be a blast, but not if she isn't happy. Seat height is not a concern. My DRZ is a 38" and its just fine.

    Any thoughts, opinions.

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    We have an SE so you will get a biased answer here. :D

    So far with 25000 km on our RTW on the SE it is great (total 56000 km so far), we have a Renazco seat which I have chopped to suit my height, we had the rear section modded so Ellen does not slide forward and it works a treat.

    The SE is some 24 kg lighter that the Adventure which appeals to me.

    Big tank if you want long distance, small screen with no buffeting ... perfecto :clap, I also prefer the look of the SE being an overgrown trailbike.

    Our seat, lower for me, bucket for Ellen

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    We have both and have tried rides on both. The Adventure is the preferred 2-up bike. My wife won't ride on the back of the SE for more than a few miles. We did ~300 miles one day on the SE. That was about 200 miles too far for either of us. We have done 600 mile days on the Adventure. The rider/passenger peg relationship on the Adventure makes it a lot easier for us both to stand in the rough stuff or just to stretch our legs, too.