SAE and NPT tap motherlode

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    I went to an auction yesterday and ended up buying a lot of taps. And I already have a lot of taps. Ergo I need to lighten the load a little, I'm tapped out:wink:

    Taps are:

    $1/each for taps 3/8" and smaller
    $2/each for sizes 7/16" ->9/16"
    $3 for tap 5/8" -> 7/8"
    $4 for anything larger than 1".
    Shipping is $6 flat rate for as many as I can stuff in a priority mail small box.

    Buy 5 get any 2 of equal or lesser value free. Or I'll assemble a set of one of each of every size I have under 1" for $35 shipped and throw in 2 pipe taps of your choice. Or any other gimmicky combination to get a bunch of these to folks that can use them.

    90% of these taps are USA from names you know like GTD, Regal, Hanson, Vermont, R&N. Some others are Poland, Germany, France, Japan, Yugoslavia etc. No Chinese taps. The taps are a random assortment of taper, plug and bottoming taps, no guarantees I will always have all types. Also taps have been used but all the dull ones are tossed already, if you get a bunk tap from me let me know and I'll replace it or cheerfully refund you. Many are unused just a crap shoot really.

    Here's the list:

    SAE Coarse thread

    1/4-20 (12)
    5/16-18 (0)
    3/8-16 (11)
    7/16-14 (0)
    1/2-13 (22)
    9/16-12 (0)
    5/8-11 (18)
    3/4-10 (7)
    7/8-9 (0)
    1-8 (4)

    SAE Fine Thread

    5/16-24 (2)
    3/8-24 (8)
    7/16-20 (5)
    1/2-20 (4)
    9/16-18 (44)
    5/8-18 (0)
    3/4-16 (32)
    7/8-14 (18)
    1-14 (5)

    Pipe taps, I can't list them all chances are excellent I have it, send me a size you want and I most likely have them. I do have some big dog pipe taps up to 1 1/2". Most of the sizes under 1" I have many of.


    Some really random taps..not listed inquire if you need an oddball


    typical condition, some are better some are worse


    Big boys


    pipe taps and some of the larger taps