Saigon to Hanoi on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam

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    Great report! :clap
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    Bike Shipping?

    Josh, I'm pumped to have found your ride report. this is great stuff.

    I have some questions about bike shipping. What is involved in the process? is it easy to do? is the cost outrageous? how did you work that out?

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    Thanks Josh, nice ride report. your pictures are excellent. you are a kind of a good photographer. I like it.

    Best regards
    Theshantha :freaky
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    Great Job
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    You so make me want to go back and ride Vietnam again. Its been nearly 12 months.
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    Great stuff! I especially like your photos on pages 13 & 14.
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    I'm late to this party, but it deserves the bump. Great report, thanks for posting!
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    Loved your report, thanks for sharing, I have a YBR 125 in the Philippines that is very similar to your bike, even down to the fuel range, I think traveling under 80 kmh is perfect


    looking forward to riding it again this winter, only one month away
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    Nice to see places in Vietnam as well as its warmed people...Great pix and ride report Sir..
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    Great report ,I found it by accident but brought back lots of good memories:clap:clap:clap
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    good report, great visuals
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    Great write up and pics.. :super
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    Hey man, I just wanted to bump this and say thanks. You posting this TR is part of the reason I ended up in Vietnam and also why I now own a bike with plans for a RTW trip.

    My story: I was backpacking through Thailand and had already decided that motorbikes weren't for me, too dangerous. I'd heard all the stories and the traffic seemed so chaotic, and for what? Couldn't I just take a bus and get to the same place?

    I spent nearly a month making my way north until I ended up in a very rural, yet very touristy town called Pai. There I ran into a German friend of mine, add in an afternoon to kill and I found myself in a parking lot learning to ride a 110cc honda win. The first day I rode in circles for 10 min and was already somewhat convinced, but it was the next day that really hooked me. I rented my own scooter and took a 45 min trip through curvy mountain roads out into the sticks.

    I was overwhelmed. It was so different than anything I'd experienced. Despite considering myself well traveled, I'd never really left the backpacker circuit aside from a few visits to friends in Mexico/Argentina. With 3 days left on my trip I decided to ride back to Chiang Mai on the honda win and forgo the bus. That 4 hour ride flipped everything on its head.

    Before, the space between the major attractions was filled with buses and trains where the goal was to sleep for as much of the journey as possible. Now I realized I hadn't truly traveled through countries, but I had just hopped between dots on a map. Motorcycling was a way to connect those dots and scoop up all the adventure/culture/people/food/surprises in between and the dots became more like the bus, places to relax and catch up on sleep.

    My trip wrapped up and I headed back to the states determined to travel a country by scooter/motorcycle, but as I returned home obstacles started popping up. I wanted to take a motorcycle course in my city but it was booked for the season, I couldn't rent a bike without a license, and I didn't know anyone who rode. To top it off, people back home already thought it was crazy to travel Thailand solo, the idea of taking it a step further and motorcycling across foreign lands found no support.

    Given such a brief experience, I began to question if it was really possible. The idea went on the backburner for about 6 months and I found myself living through an oppressive Canadian winter when a friend got in touch saying that he had saved up some vacation time and we should travel. We started throwing out travel pipe dreams, plans that seem possible but come to fruition about 20% of the time on average. One of the seemingly more outlandish ones was crossing Vietnam north to south by bike.

    It really appealed to me but was still completely outside my reality. I'd never read a single trip report by a biker, never heard of Advrider, and didn't know how to operate a manual transmission on a car or bike. In short I was hopeless. I googled something like "crossing Vietnam on a motorbike" or maybe "Hanoi to Saigon on motorcycle" and this thread was the 3rd or 4th result. I read it in a night and decided it had to be done. Reading your experience brought it from the imaginary to the point where I knew there existed a series of actions would make it possible for me to do the same.

    Your post was my guidebook. It seriously provided 80%+ of the info/inspiration I had going into my trip and knowing that it was enough, I locked it in, booked a flight, and started working on solving other problems like having no fucking clue what I was doing on a bike.

    This is the extent of the relevance of my story to this thread but I just wanted to thank you again for going out and doing it and recording the details here and laying the roadmap for other people to follow. To me now, and probably most of the posters here, the trip seems just like a cool adventure and not something revolutionary, and it may be the case, but for myself a few years ago this trip was totally outside my reality and completely changed my idea of what was possible. I hope to document my RTW in great detail and provide that same service to others. Cheers.
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    Hi mate. I missed your post when it came up a year ago and only read it today. Thanks - very glad it helped you out and encouraged you to take up bike touring :D
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    Beautiful RR. I would have have never imagined what the people and country are like without the great illustrations. Thanks!!!

    Congrats on your journey!