San Diego Dual Sport Ride

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    Dec 9, 2003
    Hello All, I am organizing an AMA Sanctioned Dual Sport Ride with the new club I'm starting called San Diego Adventure Riders. The one day ride will go through Anza Borrego State Park and will have 3 options, 1 being about 100 miles, second being about 125 miles and third being about 150 miles. There will be some difficult options included. We will start out of Agua Caliente County Park where there is camping available for tents and motorhomes. The closest towns with motels are Julian and Borrego Springs, with about a 30 mile drive to the starting point at Agua Caliente. The ride will go through many neat canyons and some mountainous terrain. I will set the date for either March 13th or March 27th. I am waiting on getting the ride and club chartered and sanctioned with the AMA. Set aside some time for this ride. There will be a 75 rider limit set forth by the Anza Borrego State Park. This ride can be done by experienced riders on big Adventure Type Bikes. More information will be coming shortly.
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    A little piece of history!! Go Randy