San Diego to Thousand Oaks. newb ride

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    I am looking to go from san diego to thousand oaks, CA on as much dirt as i can. I dont even know if its possible, but i have friends and family in thousand oaks, and figure its a good short trip to learn the ropes of planning and executing an adventure type ride. I am not in it for speed, so the long way there, might be the best and most fun. I dont even mind taking more than a day to get there if i happen to go way out of my way for some good riding.

    first things first, anyone know of any routes or connecting trails that can get me in the area of these 2 cities? i know some pavement will be necessary. I am planning on 140-160 miles range with spare gallon tank. other than BLM maps, are there an other sources for routes? books? im looking into grabbing a new GPS so i can use GPX files from are there any online map resources that show the dirt roads, fire roads, etc? i know im a newbie to the extreme, but some of these roads, and ride reports i see, it blows my mind how some of you find these routes. they seem like some incredible places.

    I will have a GPS, cell, and spot tracker for communications. I have 6 years experience as a navy corpsman with marine infantry doing emergency medicine. so i can do a lot with nothing and macgyver quite a bit as far as first aid. mechanically i think the bike can handle it, and im pretty handy with duct tape and zip ties when the situation calls for it. i am confident in my abilities to fix my bike if it should have any problems. ive done a quite few dual sport rides and have the gear to do this. but those rides were on well marked trails, major roads, and nothing i couldnt find on my cars nav system.

    im looking for those roads that i pass by in my car that are not marked and look like they lead to nowhere. where do i even begin? any newbie advice or words of wisdom?
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    You probably will get info in the Regional Section